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We can not be sad

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

We can not be sad

Strong gloomily and sad and dreary this May, let the originally broken heart be older. If everything can come again, then we can not be sad.

Sad that I knew a pen can't bear all of me at all, but I still want to write. Because the language is too fragile, only the characters could keep all memory about you, can let me find one find sustenance, one float wood among time that here forget, to save the soul for a long time of my loneliness.

After being with you, every page one in my diary is writing your name tirelessly, it seems that you have already become a part in my life, a part that can't be changed. You are always so sad, it seems that the whole world betrays you, but you always neglect I who only stand on the left of you at all times. At that time, I was easy to hate one's own one powerlessly, can only so look at you quietly ing, forgotten like air.

At yesterday's picture and sound are being also broadcast in the brain constantly, I could not remember my movement and idea at that time clearly, can't see my face clearly either, I thought I had forgotten, but it sprawled in my brain like that, flood all of mine. Suddenly, really want to smile, then really laugh like that by oneself, smile so uncannily, so dreary. Originally from the beginning, I fall into one conspiracy already, one enough to can only let I with silence and laugh at, come, spend the long conspiracy for May.

I am the person that such a timidity extremely lacks sense of safety, nobody knows how I detest such oneself, but I must want admitting such a oneself that lets me detest is me of the contradiction again. I mind how it will be I, I think you can happy to go down, stand until you no me in around the people only, even if I do not qualify for being been accompanied at your side again. I know, perhaps nobody can substitute my position, however, believe me, that is only temporary. Everything will turn better. You have said you are dued to me, I want to tell you who nobody can not leave, who only who is not willing to to leave.

I am sorry. Night begins again to be cool, I wander up and down on the edge of the dream. Illusion: If everything can been again. Then we, all right, no longer sad.

permalink written by  made on May 31, 2010 from Frankfurt am Main, Germany
from the travel blog: Aisa
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