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USA here I go!

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Travelling is my best "consume good"... I mean, I don't want a big car, a big house, expensive clothes, meals in fancy restaurants... I just want to go around the world to see that we're all the same.
It doesn't matter if you are in São Paulo, or in Moscow, or in some remote place in Africa... we all have a heart that beat the same way, we all have mouths and ears, and we all know some part of the truth that we share with our words. We all have amazing cultural stuff, and better than that... we all have different ways to do the very same thing. To be able to know that is the best thing about travelling.
Know about ourselves... and know about ourselves through the others.

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Sao Paulo, Brazil

I'd just found out that tomorrow I'll be going to a Hockey game in Chicago!!!

I haven't even started yet and it's already great!!!!!!!

See ya in the USA.

permalink written by  frost the traveller on December 18, 2007 from Sao Paulo, Brazil
from the travel blog: USA here I go!
tagged Home, Waiting and News

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A fast vacation while waiting...

Itirapina, Brazil

I just though that this was worthy posting...

Last weekend we had a holiday here in Brazil, and it was the holiday when I travel with my dad. Every year his graduation mates make this travel, so they can get together, and so their families.

This year the chosen place was a place near a dam called "Broa". And for sure it was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. All the hotel rooms had a window from where we could see the water, and the sunset. It was amazing.

Lots of sun, lots of nice bugs and small frogs. And lots of amazing foods (specially the chocolate cake, incredible!). But I really enjoyed reading and sleeping more than I'm used to. Graduation projects are very demanding! But the best thing still is having good time with dad and a lot of nice people, who enjoy to spend time with friends... like playing mimics at the evening, everybody together, such a warm feelin'!

Well, at least in the last day I went with my brother, his girlfriend and other friends to rafting. The river wasn't that good, but it was a good laugh after all. Than we catch the road and got back to the "civilization"... and since it was my dad's birthday, we had some fast food to let go that "nature feeling" that was all over us (I'm kidding! I'm kidding!!).

Now it's time to work and wait again... 28 days.

permalink written by  frost the traveller on November 19, 2007 from Itirapina, Brazil
from the travel blog: USA here I go!
tagged Home, Waiting, Itirapina and Dam

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Waiting, waiting, waiting!!!

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Well, my name is Thábata, and I am 27 years old (I've just completed it). I am a graphic designer, and I'm getting my degree in architecture and urbanism by the end of the year now... actually, in some days.
I am doing a very nice project about sustainability... about the Philosophy of Sustainable Design, wich is a theme that I enjoy most of all.

Since it's my last year at the University (at least for now) and since I know I'll be working a lot next year (cause I want to, of course) then I decided that it was a nice time to travel again.

I have to tell that choosing USA to go was not something really planned. I just though of my childish dream of going to New York in Christmas season, and it was like that. And then I started planning (well, in fact I've been planning that since June).

Something really nice have happened though. It starts with a huge and amazing story (that I'll share some other day for sure!) in Firenze, Italy. About someone I met there and that, by the way, is american. Well, as soon as I told him I was coming I got a travel buddy.

Knowing USA with an american! That is going to be an amazing travel that I intend to enjoy to the edge. 35 days, 15 hours and 25 minutes to go.

permalink written by  frost the traveller on November 13, 2007 from Sao Paulo, Brazil
from the travel blog: USA here I go!
tagged Home, Planning and Waiting

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