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Magnetic Island

Townsville, Australia

Hi there...

At this moment I'm waiting for my ferry back to main land...
Magnetic island is an very nice tropical Island..
Nice people nice nature..

Hired a shooter for 2 day's and drove all over the island..
I slept in the most cheap bungalow... With allkinds of wild animals
creaping up on you after dark..

Did a tour with a ranger..
Saw a lot of nice wild animals hold a koala...

Now I'm going to Airly beach.. Try to sign-up as crew on the vessel "Spank
Check this link: http://www.ozsail.com.au/12243.htm

This vessel will depart monday for a 3 day trip, however I would like to
stay for a week..

Have to go now..
Otherwise I'll miss my boat..

Ok, Catch ya Later!


permalink written by  Kristian Kossen on August 30, 2008 from Townsville, Australia
from the travel blog: Trip around the world
tagged MagneticIsland

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Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach, Austria

Hi there!

Yesterday eve I arived at Airlie Beach and checked into the Airlie Beach Resort Hotel..
As you all know I like doing lo budget stay's.. However, I also enjoy the finer things in live.

Therefore I've checked in for 2 nights.. (Sweet)
Got an Ocean view room with nice Buble Bath...
Plenty of nice food, lady's, drink's, lady's, sun, Lady's, boat's, lady's...
(Do you get my point?)

Traveling here from Townsville was very boaring....
Again only plantations... bad roads... (even worse drivers) and road kill.

Starting tomorrow I'll be boarding a vessel called "Spank Me".
This vessel is 60Ft and cost $20mil. which was designed by ron holland for racing puposes.
This vessel is also equiped with diving compressor... and therefore it will allow us to go diving at the great barier reef..

I will stay onboard for 3 day's and 3 nights..
However, This afternoon I'm having lunch with the owner and he maybe needs an extra hand for the next 1,5 week.
Therfore, If all goes well, I'll stay onboard (for free) for the next 1,5 weeks.

I'll keep you posted and as soon as I can upload the pictures... I will!

Catch ya later!


permalink written by  Kristian Kossen on August 30, 2008 from Airlie Beach, Austria
from the travel blog: Trip around the world
tagged AirlieBeach

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Townsville, Australia

Hi there!

How'r you doing to day sir.... (I'm getting sick of every body asking me) :-)

At this moment I've spent two night's in Townsville.
One night in the Ibis beach resort and one night in the regdys beachclub hotel.
(Both very nice)

Bought an ozzy Mobile phone: +61(0) 414 324 095

Today I'll take the ferry towards Magnetic Island.
There I will stay for two nights and will do several activities..
(Kuala hugging, kangaroo/croco feeding, diving, drinking)

After these two nights I'll go back to main land and drive towards Whitsunday's
There I will try to catch a sailing boat for one week and sail arround the nice islands.

Ohw yeah, Europe car is going to upgrade my car for free the day after tomorrow!
Going to get an Ford Falcon.. (Better that the tiny nissan i'm driving now!)

As soon as I get more pic's i'll upload them ASAP.

Thanks for all the nice comments and tip's!

No worries mate!
Catch ya later!

permalink written by  Kristian Kossen on August 27, 2008 from Townsville, Australia
from the travel blog: Trip around the world
tagged Townsville

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Cairns, Australia

Hi there...

At this moment I'm In Palm Cove,
Just got my hire car... It's Crap! A medium size Nissan Tailda.. Black..

Had a wonderfull time with Nina and her Collegues..

Yesterday we went to "Mossman" that's a rainforest...

How yeah.. what happens in Palm cove stay's in palm cove!
(There were to many nice bridesmaids)

Now going to drive down towards Townsville..
However, I'll stop somewere on the way.

Make some Pic's and let you know how I'll be doing..

BTW, Plans have been changed..
I'll won't be driving all the way down to Melbourne, Il justy take my time to get to Sydney..

Thank's for the comments..

Speak to ya soon!

permalink written by  Kristian Kossen on August 25, 2008 from Cairns, Australia
from the travel blog: Trip around the world
tagged Cairns

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Fiji Airport

Nandi, Fiji

Bula!!! (Hi in Fiji)

At this moment I'm waiting for my plane at Fiji Airport,

Had an very nice 5 day's...

It's sunny, warm, nice beach, nice island's, nice lady's...
Got My diving cert.

And did and additional adventure dive course.
After 3 day's diving I went out for a deep see wreck dive @ 36 meters.
There was a polish guy joining us and he had an digital camera with him..
It changed to film mode under water.. and I got a DVD with me in the shipwreck..

It was very hard to leave the Island.. If I had known it was that nice I would have stay'd longer..

Now I'll go flying to Cairns and take an taxi-cab to Nina...
She will be finished with work tonight and then she will have two day's off.

Then we will go and explore Cairns together and try to buy or rent a car.

As soon as The computers allow, I will upload some pictures..

Oh and I've gathered so much stuff I'll send an box home with stuff I took but not use..
(I'm over packed.)

This is it for now..
Speak to ya soon!


Thank's for the Comment's

permalink written by  Kristian Kossen on August 22, 2008 from Nandi, Fiji
from the travel blog: Trip around the world
tagged Fiji

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Nandi, Fiji


At this moment I'm In Fiji On an Island called Beachcomber..
It's bvery nice.. only backpackers..

Joined an diving course.
My exam willbe tomorrow,
Saw some big sharks swimming above me at he reef,,

I will stay on this island and make only daytrips to other islands...
From here i will leave Friday evening to fly to Cairns on Saturday.

I'll update tomorrow with pick's

Ciao Kris

permalink written by  Kristian Kossen on August 20, 2008 from Nandi, Fiji
from the travel blog: Trip around the world
tagged BeachcomberIsland

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Back in LA

Los Angeles, United States

Hi all!

Thismorning I wrote a blog, however, when hitting the save button it said error on page and i lost everything!

Therefore the short version:

Departured from S'sisco thru Santa cruz to Morro Bay (7hours drive)
Slept in an motel called the Holland inn...

Following morning drove to Malibu..
Went to the beach.. got a motel... whent to a club called "MoonlightShadows"
It's a Star hangout.. I was not on the list bullshit my self in..

Nice lady's.. drinks,, lady's,, food,,, lady's..view..lady's and did i mention the lady's?
(What happens in Malibu stay's in Malibu)

Thismorning drove to Long Beach.. and now I'm at the airport awaiting my flight to Fiji.

I will not have a monday 18th August because of the time differance.

Dont know where i will sleep... but i'll find out when i gett there..
I do know I want to go to BeachComber Island (That's my boat's make)
Pic's will follow..

Keep posting comments!

I'm getting a drink now! (or two)

Ciao Kris

permalink written by  Kristian Kossen on August 17, 2008 from Los Angeles, United States
from the travel blog: Trip around the world
tagged LAX

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USA LA Santa monica

Santa Monica, United States

Yesterday viseted the Hollywood sign, and drove thrue BellAir...
Took a look at the Playboy mansion, however, no bunny's.... :(

Then I drove to Rodeo drive to do some serious shopping...
Then I drove to Santa Monica, drove over Ocean eve.....
Parked my car and started walking thrue the BLVD... Grabed a Huge Burger and a double esspreso.. Walked around some more...

Then I got to the Santa Monica Beach hotel.. (Read: Very Old over priced Junk!)
Met some nice guy's from Swiss, They did manage to get the Mustang convert. and marked it with an big swiss flag on the trunk...

One of the guy's said: we are going to Vegas baby!!! Wanna come?
I said... No sorry.. Been there, seen that, got the Tshirt..

I went for A couple of drinks with them.. had some fun...

And went to bed arround midnight..

This morning : 05:30 I got called by a lady from Rotterdam that wanted to ask me a view questions..... I told her to Fu*&CK OFF and let me sleep..

Today I'm going to drive up the coast and see where I will go...
It's all going so fast and I don't know what to see...

I'm going to buy some new maps for the up state.. finnished my breakfast now...

It seems to be a problem uploading pictures...
(Old computers in the internet cafe's..)

Thank's for the comment's
Speak to ya later...

permalink written by  Kristian Kossen on August 13, 2008 from Santa Monica, United States
from the travel blog: Trip around the world
tagged LA

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Santa Cruz Ca.

Santa Cruz, United States

After writing my blog this morning I went to the western union to change my last euro's for dollars.....

Then I decided to hit the road...
Cruised towards Malibu stopped the car...

Walked up the beach saw some shark fin's therefore no one was allowed in the water...
Walked in the sea till knee hight and made some pictures of the lifeguard houses... returned to the car and started driving.. the weather became very cloudy.. after 15miles the roadworks began...

The signs said Route 1 closed for 1 week...
Therefore I was forced to take the highway 101.
This highway goes straight true the mountains and a part of the dessert..
I had the top down... Temprature was ok.. sun began to shine again..
My head began to burn... tried putting a t-shirt on my head but this did not help.. Therefore I had to pull over and close the top..

Then the roads got worse..
It good that I'm an expert in road rally....
Only Mr. State trooper did not like that!

"Sorry Mr state trooper.. I thought I was going 120 KM in staid of miles..:)

Could you please explane the road rules I cant seem to find them in my lonely planet.. :)

After making fun of Mr. State Trooper.. I asked him if he knew a good place to have lunch... and of course I'm very kind.. therefore I invited him for lunch...:) he said no thanks.... but after all my Bullshit he did not give me a ticket!!!!!

Stopped somewhere down the road for a burger...
Poppy's Diner...

Got a burger from a nice old waiters, she informed me that i was crazy thinking that i would make it to "Frisco" in 6 hours..

Some old guy in in the diner told me watch out..
The closer to "Frisco" the closer to disco...(?????)

(He explained that the people are crazy around Frisco)

The longer I was on the road the more I thought I was not going to make it before dark.. therefore I switched to plan B.

Take a dirt road to Santa Cruz..

After 30 miles of dirt... I arrived in S'Cruz
It did not look like a beach front city..
More like a ski resort..

Looked in my lonelyplanet and discoverd a motel near the beach and downtown S'Cruz.

went to the lobby, and asked their rates..
It was only 87dollar..
I Thought oh shit.. then this is a dump..
(My other two motels were two times more expensive)
I said, Ok I'll take it...
It is very nice!!!!

Ok now I'm going for some thing to eat..

Tomorrow i'll drive on to Frisco..
Cant upload pictures here...

Thanks for the comment's..

permalink written by  Kristian Kossen on August 13, 2008 from Santa Cruz, United States
from the travel blog: Trip around the world
tagged SantaCruz

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Hollywood, United States

Arrived In LAX 15:10 LT
Took the shuttle bus to the car depot,
However, the car i ordered was not available.

Therefore they provided a brand new Pontiac G6 convertable. :)
6Cil 4.2L rear wheel drive! (White & brown leather interior)
There was no sat-nav therefore i had to buy a map.

LA traffic is very difficult, (If you don't know where you are going!)

After a 3 hour drive I got at the hotel.
(In the getto) I was informed not to go outside after dark.....
(Junky's / Hookers / gang's)

Now I'm in the rich part of LA awaiting for the shop's to open...
I'll go and see if my creditcard will be accepted on rodeo drive! (Don't think so)

After shopping i will drive to the Hollywood Sign and then drive to venice beach and try to find a hotel near the beach.

Tomorrow i will drive from Venice beach towards Malibu....
Dont't know where i will spend my night's but ill keep ya posted..

Bye for now..

permalink written by  Kristian Kossen on August 12, 2008 from Hollywood, United States
from the travel blog: Trip around the world
tagged USALA

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