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Email to the Fam

Majuro, Marshall Islands

Wed, Jul 29, 2009 at 11:56 AM (or Tue, July 28, 2009 at 7:56 PM)

Email from Cari to her family:

“..i am at the Tide Table restaurant/hotel, which is a very popular ripalle hangout. just met an older couple that has been here since december on their sailboat, that could be you!! things are good. i was really tired for a few days but i think that was just jet lag catching up to me...because the first few mornings i was wide awake really early.

let me think what is going on...we went out to Enamanit, which is a little teeny island close to Majuro where people go for day trips. it's a beautiful beach and we stayed all day, snorkeling (there was a small plane crash) and swimming and jumping off of this diving board that was on a floating dock. i set up my hammock and read, and fell into a deep sleep until the rain woke me up. everyone was jealous of my hammock. it rains about once a day, and it reminds me so much of sierra leone-- when it rains, it POURS. last night i quickly got my shampoo and washed my hair under a spout and it was great.

i snorkeled in our lagoon right outside Ajeltake (the elementary school where we're staying) for the first time last night, which was neat. people saw sharks on the ocean side. i haven't gone to the ocean side yet because i'm scared--strong current and choppy. it's nice to look at though--and falling asleep to the waves crashing is one of the best things. except last night we all woke up several times to the sound of vicious dog fights. there are dogs EVERYWHERE and they're so stupid. there's this one female that hangs out around our school and like four or 5 male dogs that all wanna get with her...so they all fight and it's so loud and sounds like they're killing each other.

lots of people have gotten ukeleles, which is fun to listen to…i want to get one soon and learn a little bit before I go out to namdrik. i ate my first coconut at the ministry of education welcome party (my principal didn't show :( ) and the coconut milk was pretty good, but the meat was pretty gross. i have bought 3 guam dresses and a muumuu. haven't worn the muumuu yet but i will try to go to church on sunday and that's what we have to wear.

let's see what else...ok i think you should send joel out here for a bit. he can come stay with me and the mayor and it'll be great. i dont think christmas in hawaii is going to work because of how unreliable Air Marshall is...and i have off from about the 18th until the 29th which isn't a whole lot of time. But joel or one of you should totally come visit! it would just be a plane ticket because you wouldn't have to pay for somewhere to stay. i love you guys and miss you! oh and i hitchhiked for the first time the other day--it's the best way to travel!

things you can send me:
packing tape
clothes pins
face cleansing pads
food - sweets/granola bars

okay i gotta go get some food (they have burgers at tide table...) and then be back at the outrigger/marshall islands resort by 1 for the doctor's visit! Love you much. say hi to kara and kailey (i just read her quote to me "poop goes plunk in the toilet") and molly and grandma. hope all is well at home. you need to update your blog. kthanks bye!”

permalink written by  CariLeighAnn on July 29, 2009 from Majuro, Marshall Islands
from the travel blog: WorldTeach Marshall Islands
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Ok, I sent Cari 100 clothes pins, packing tape, face cleanser wipes, and some paper. She probably can't get enough granola bars though!
If you want to send items to Cari your best bet is to use the priority mail boxes. They have a flat rate no matter what the weight, so you can stuff them full and the rate stays the same. They have several sizes ranging from six dollars to fourteen dollars. The only catch is that you have to fill out a customs slip with the contents, weight and worth of the contents. I have sent five boxes so far and they were heavy!!!! I saved more than one hundred dollars by using these flat rate boxes. Happy mailing!! And thanks for your support! Cheryl

permalink written by  Cheryl Nash on July 30, 2009

I'm jealous of Cari's hammock. Glad she already got the best quote EVER from Kailey :) Additionally, once back in the state, hitch hiking is not so much the best way to travel.

permalink written by  Kara on August 2, 2009

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