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day 2 in london

London, United Kingdom

After a delay on my flight I arrived in London at around 3:00pm local time and took the tube to my little hostel. I was disorriented and jet-lagged and I didnt accomplish much other than checking out some local pubs that day.
Today was a little more exciting, I started with a trip through the amazing Natural History Museum. The shear size and grandeur of the building was more than I have ever seen before. It look 4 hours to stroll through, and I could has easily spent 4 more. After that I checked out the science museum. It was cool but not as impressive as the Natural history museum. Afterwards I checked out some of the touristy places. The Tower bridge, London bridge, parliament building, big ben. They were all amazing arcitectural designs. The one thing that has truly amazed me is the shear oppulence of the place. It oozes with class. Keep in mind that I am staying in Kensington, which is fairly upscale. But I have seen more Bentleys, Rolls royce, Aston Martins and Mazerattis today than I have every seen in my life.

permalink written by  Greg on May 11, 2007 from London, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Adventures in Curry
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