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Major Cities and Destinations

Achoertupo, Panama Linton, Panama
Africa, Panama Llano Bonito, Panama
Almirante, Panama Los Algarrobos, Panama
Atre Abajo, Panama Los Anastacios, Panama
Balboa, Panama Mamartupo, Panama
Bastimentos, Panama Mamimulo, Panama
Bique, Panama Margarita, Panama
Boca Chica, Panama Mata de Coco, Panama
Boca del Drago, Panama Miraflores, Panama
Boca del Toro, Panama Miraflores, Panama
Bocas del Toro, Panama Mormaquetupo, Panama
Boquete, Panama Nargana, Panama
Boquete, Panama Panama, Panama
Cabra, Panama Panama City, Panama
California, Panama Paris, Panama
California, Panama Paris Viejo, Panama
Cambutal, Panama Pedasi, Panama
Canazas, Panama Penonome, Panama
Capira, Panama Peru, Panama
Carenero, Panama Pinogana, Panama
Carreto, Panama Playon Chico, Panama
Carti Icotupo, Panama Portobelo, Panama
Carti Nortupo, Panama Pucuro, Panama
Carti Tupile, Panama Puerto Armuelles, Panama
Cerro Punta, Panama Puerto Obaldia, Panama
Changuinola, Panama Punta Muny, Panama
Chica, Panama Resbalosa, Panama
Chica, Panama Rio Azucar, Panama
Chitre, Panama Rio Hato, Panama
Coetupo, Panama Rio Hato, Panama
Colon, Panama Rio Sidra, Panama
Colon, Panama Saboga, Panama
Colon, Panama San Blas Islands, Panama
Cristobal, Panama San Felipe, Panama
David, Panama San Felix, Panama
Diablo Heights, Panama San Miguelito, Panama
El Chucunate, Panama Santa Catalina, Panama
El Higo, Panama Santa Catalina, Panama
El Llano, Panama Santa Catalina, Panama
El Porvenir, Panama Santa Clara, Panama
El Trapiche, Panama Santa Clara, Panama
Frances, Panama Santa Fe, Panama
Fuerte Amador, Panama Santiago, Panama
Gamboa, Panama Soledad Miria Ubigantupo, Panama
Garrote, Panama Sona, Panama
Gatun, Panama Sukunya, Panama
Guabito, Panama Taboga, Panama
India Vieja, Panama Tocumen, Panama
Isla Grande, Panama Trinidad Abajo, Panama
Isla Tigre, Panama Tue, Panama
Isla Wichitupo Grande, Panama Uni, Panama
Kuba, Panama Unicito, Panama
La Arena, Panama Ustupo Yantupo, Panama
La Boca, Panama Volcan, Panama
La Pena, Panama Wagsalatupo Chico, Panama
Las Brisas de Amador, Panama Wagsalatupo Grande, Panama
Las Margaritas, Panama

see small towns (warning, it's a lot of names!)

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