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Insurance desk (n.b.  Anna having a Jager- possibly the one that tipped her over the edge) Swify having a nice time The two victims of my leaving party Our Truck The Great Rift Valley Impala Me Black Rhino View of lake Nakuru Park Lions having a cuddle Trekking for Gorillas Baby Gorilla Playing This is how I spend my days... hanging out the top of our truck Hot, sweaty, covered in nettle stings, but having a lovely time sitting in a pack of Gorillas F*** me he's big I'm the one in black with my eyes closed pretending its not happening Another equator crossing (Me and Meg) Another hideous campsite (Lake Bunyonyi) Playing with the kids at the Soft Power Primary School Mountain Bike Safari at Hells Gate National Park Ladies Wot Lunch Afternoon Tea at Elsemere Rafting Team Hanging out the Roof with the Ladies Stupid Buffalo Miles and Miles of Africa 1,2,3, Jump (4th attempt) Ngorogoro Crater Safari Serengeti Safari Lion Posing for the Camera Frikin Sweet The view from my hammock Zanzibar Beach Epic Fail Diving

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