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Me and Ang at the nightclub Ready to Board Dancing with a new friend Waiting forever for Ollie Me and Ol outside the castle Walking to the next destination Me and Ang with the river in the background Ol and Me again Ol and Me Me and Ol Me and Ang by the castle A nice building Outside the castle Shrewsbury city centre Small lane On a small lane Shrewsbury town centre Ollie and Ang And old building Me and Ang Sheep in the Peaks Here's me taking a picture Countryside The road in Wales-- ARAF! Me and my big sis Mom and Rick Me and my brother The parents The group at the castle Me outside Bob Cratchett's A tiny lane Grope Lane Shrewsbury gardens An old clock Ollie and Ang by an old house Garden clock The pond At the park Mom, me, and Dad A British duck Ollie Garden in Shrewsbury Pond in Shrewsbury Ollie and Freddie Laughing at Freddie Ollie and his brothers Me holding Freddie's new bear from Canada Everyone at lunch Freddie stealing my glasses Everybody on our walk

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