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View of lake Pichola from our little hotel Lake Palace Sitting in the Jagmandir Island (very posh place) Patricia in the middle of the amazingly detailed Ranakpur temple Impressive dance show Christmas dinner by lake Pichola Kumbalgarth Fort by night Taj view from hotel roof top How romantic!!!! The wall carvings of the Taj are of an amazing detail and walls are engraved with precious stones Postal picture No comments Locals take pics with Patricia thinking she is a Bollywood actress Agra Fort and two monkeys In front of Taj majal Jose felt sorry for older ricksaw driver and decided to take over Dancer and musicians during New Years celebration View of the Varanasi Ghats in the early hours of the morning Cremation Ghat: Hindus believe that if their body is cremated and then submerged into the river it will be blessed We love this pic of our boatmand Shiva (the name of one of Hinduism main Gods) which resembles the lovely smiles we found in many indians Bathers searching for enlightment at the banks of India's holiest river Family of Hindu devotees taking water from the Ganges Fire ceremony (Ganga Arti) performed every evening on the banks of the river Offerings to sacred Ganga (Ganges) that consist of a little bowl made of leaves, filled with flowers and candles in the middle There were many Tibetan flags hanging in Bodhgaya, these are not allowed in Tibet or China, there are also many Tibetan refugees living here Massive tent were Dalai Lama (meaning Ocean Lama) gave his 5 day teachings, the tent was big enough for about 5,000 people! This is the bodi tree under which Siddhartha Gautama (Budda) achieved enlightment Temple built i  the spot of Budda's enlightment Many monks from SE Asia, Tibet, Buthan, Mongolia and other places came to the teachings Budda statue inside the temple relaxing in Palolem (Goa) After watching the bollywood blockbuster Ezhara Beach House Back againh on the road With George (owner of the beach cabin in Cherai beach where Jose will stay while Patricia is in Madurai doing Yoga) Enjoying the beach during a quick stop in Cherai Beach (Kochi) Textile factory we visited Beautiful girls who were helping out her mother at Ezhara beach house Lazy days relaxing on the beach Coconut tree man! After a beach Yoga session in front of Ezhara Beach House Patricia gets bombarded by a band of kids in front of Ezhara Beach House Venky and his Dad in front of a set of Hindu images at home Hyderabad turns into a vibrant city by the lake at night Venky in one of his long conversations with his girlfiend based in Netherlands Old Hyderabad View of one of the palaces we visited Venky with his dogs he picked up from the street and saved with Venky on his Scooter! Desde nuestro balcón - From our balcony

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