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Ice climbing... (no, that wasnt us) It was after this point where you hold on to the icy rope with bare hands that we which we'd hired gloves! Ice ice baby... Poser pic Poser Kea bird (type of parrot) on the glacier Frannz Josef Glacier - water running down a giant hole Where we stayed in Franz Josef Lindesy joins us for a holiday...Hannah = our wind break Pancake rocks on way from Franz Josef to Nelson Kaiterieri beach, Abel Tasman Kaiteriteri beach, Abel Tasman Kakaking (gutted we missed out on it  the next day cos we were too late) Wood carving craft centre, Abel Tasman National Park So many beers/cider, so little time/stomach Hostel owner took us Mussel and cockel picking - Liger Bay Genious Idea for a cafe Being silly on the Pirate cafe boat thing Just about to head out in Nelson Thai Take-away - Lindseys last night with us =( Nelson cathedral They are SO COOL! Swimming with these dolphins was soooooo damn amazing! They come so close! Dusky Dolphin Encounter boat trip...at least 60 of them swim along the boat Mountains, Kaikoura It's just driftwood... Wehey! Kareoke - Summer nights duet (no, I didn't do it..) Jellyfish on the shore at Wellington beach Starfish on the shore at Wellington beach Wellington beach Ice cream on a sunny day..one of the fine things in life View of Wellington from Mt. Victoria Lookout View of Wellington Funky thing I liked at the Te Papa Museum, Wellington Mt. Doom along the popular day hike called the Tongariro Crossing Mt. Doom Mt. Doom Emerald Lakes, Tongariro Crossing Thermal activity on the Tongariro Crossing Huka Falls Hot pool in our hostel...sweet Natural mud bath in the local park, Rotorua Mud Baths, Rotorua - pretty damn hot water and felt so light-headed after! Funky plane we went up in for our sky dive, Taupo Zorbing near Rotorua - rolling down a hill in a ball with water in - giggled like a girl =)

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