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USA here I go!

a travel blog by frost the traveller

Well, my next travel will be to USA... I never though I'd be visiting this country so soon... but as most of things in my life, it has come unexpectedly. Like Moscow... like Europe first time... like some of the most amazing people I met in my life.
Since it's all about surprises... =)

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Waiting, waiting, waiting!!!

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Well, my name is Thábata, and I am 27 years old (I've just completed it). I am a graphic designer, and I'm getting my degree in architecture and urbanism by the end of the year now... actually, in some days.
I am doing a very nice project about sustainability... about the Philosophy of Sustainable Design, wich is a theme that I enjoy most of all.

Since it's my last year at the University (at least for now) and since I know I'll be working a lot next year (cause I want to, of course) then I decided that it was a nice time to travel again.

I have to tell that choosing USA to go was not something really planned. I just though of my childish dream of going to New York in Christmas season, and it was like that. And then I started planning (well, in fact I've been planning that since June).

Something really nice have happened though. It starts with a huge and amazing story (that I'll share some other day for sure!) in Firenze, Italy. About someone I met there and that, by the way, is american. Well, as soon as I told him I was coming I got a travel buddy.

Knowing USA with an american! That is going to be an amazing travel that I intend to enjoy to the edge. 35 days, 15 hours and 25 minutes to go.

permalink written by  frost the traveller on November 13, 2007 from Sao Paulo, Brazil
from the travel blog: USA here I go!
tagged Home, Planning and Waiting

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A fast vacation while waiting...

Itirapina, Brazil

I just though that this was worthy posting...

Last weekend we had a holiday here in Brazil, and it was the holiday when I travel with my dad. Every year his graduation mates make this travel, so they can get together, and so their families.

This year the chosen place was a place near a dam called "Broa". And for sure it was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. All the hotel rooms had a window from where we could see the water, and the sunset. It was amazing.

Lots of sun, lots of nice bugs and small frogs. And lots of amazing foods (specially the chocolate cake, incredible!). But I really enjoyed reading and sleeping more than I'm used to. Graduation projects are very demanding! But the best thing still is having good time with dad and a lot of nice people, who enjoy to spend time with friends... like playing mimics at the evening, everybody together, such a warm feelin'!

Well, at least in the last day I went with my brother, his girlfriend and other friends to rafting. The river wasn't that good, but it was a good laugh after all. Than we catch the road and got back to the "civilization"... and since it was my dad's birthday, we had some fast food to let go that "nature feeling" that was all over us (I'm kidding! I'm kidding!!).

Now it's time to work and wait again... 28 days.

permalink written by  frost the traveller on November 19, 2007 from Itirapina, Brazil
from the travel blog: USA here I go!
tagged Home, Waiting, Itirapina and Dam

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Tatui, Brazil

It's today!!!! Well, at least today I'm going to the airport...
Now I feel very good spending the last time of the year enjoiyng the sun, and the warm weather. After all, tomorrow I'll be in a place with -5˚C!

I've never been in a colder place till now...

Last weekend was amazing! I had a whole day in a house with a swimming pool, and something around 35˚C! I got a nice suntan, that I'll see going away in the USA. It doesn't matter, anyway. And, besides, it was the perfect day to say goodbye to my friends here... I'll miss them, but I'll be very fine travelling!

permalink written by  frost the traveller on December 18, 2007 from Tatui, Brazil
from the travel blog: USA here I go!
tagged Home, Waiting and Tatui

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Sao Paulo, Brazil

I'd just found out that tomorrow I'll be going to a Hockey game in Chicago!!!

I haven't even started yet and it's already great!!!!!!!

See ya in the USA.

permalink written by  frost the traveller on December 18, 2007 from Sao Paulo, Brazil
from the travel blog: USA here I go!
tagged Home, Waiting and News

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Chicago, United States

Sorry it took so long...

Well, lots of things happened since I've been here last time... so, I'll make a brief exposure of what was Chicago for me... and it was awesome.

I am a very lucky girl! (I wish I could say more, but I can't...). Anyway, we stayed at a very nice hotel (a expensive one, but we'd paid half price - employees price). The room had a king size bed, viewing the river, and a very nice square with trees and lights. Awesome!

And so is Chicago. We've been to lots of places (unfortunatelly we only had 3 days there... before Xmas). But the best is the Millenium Park, because of the big "bean" from Anish Kapoor (well, Frank Gehry is there too, but... you know, is Frank Gehry). The bean was an awesome stuff, but don't go there drunk, in the middle of the night =)

Well, then we got a city pass, and we've visited the Field Museum and the Aquarium. The Aquarium was very fun, we spent hours there, seeing Belugas, and dolphins and lizards. Things that we both love.

And there's more (I left the best part to the end!): my first night in Chicago ended with a HOCKEY GAME! And that was for sure one of the best things I've seen. It was a show indeed!!! Loved to see the guys playing, fighting, the shitty beer we had, and the fact that we won the match. Too bad that I don't remember the name of the team right now.

The nightlife were fun too. I am learning a lot about beer, cherries and dive bars. Good stuff.

permalink written by  frost the traveller on December 31, 2007 from Chicago, United States
from the travel blog: USA here I go!
tagged USA and Chicago

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Wisconsin, Xmas and a lot of snow!

New Auburn, United States

Here I am again, from the middle of nowhere!

I've never imagined being here, Wisconsin, near the famous Jack Dawson's Chippewa Falls! And guess what? I am loving every second of it.

We arrived at the cabin on Xmas eve, and I'm still here. The cabin is just awesome (it's very humble to call it a cabin...), wooden construction, a big lake, frozen of course, with otters, deer and a lot of stuffed animals (I am learning to live with them).

And they have snowmobiles! I've learned how to ride them, and they are awesome! I almost crashed a few times, but I am alive and I want to do it again sometime (cause now the snow is melting, and is dangerous to ride them). On the New Years Eve the house was full, and we went to a nice ride, stopping in every bar we found on the way. It was the best... I kept thinking that I came all the way from Brazil to here, and I am really seeing how people from Wisconsin lives... not tourism, real stuff. People had been really nice to me here, I guess they don't see a lot of Brazilians all the time... and they don't know how I like snow so much!

I am very happy, very very happy. And very relaxed too, because usually we have nothing to do here, but go on the hot tub, and watching TV... with the couches they have here, it's also an experience! Well, talking about the tub, have you ever got out of a hot bath, rolled on the snow for 14 seconds and got back??? Well, I did, and it was very stupid but unforgettable. =D

Today the weather is shitty. We had planned to leave today, heading to Green Bay... but we've been so lazy that we decided to do this tomorrow (this time for sure). Maybe today we're going shopping... the peanut butter is over, and I just loved to try peanut butter and jelly sandwich! (Well, I got some extra weight here...)

permalink written by  frost the traveller on January 6, 2008 from New Auburn, United States
from the travel blog: USA here I go!
tagged USA, NewAuburn, Wisconsin, ChippewaFalls and Relax

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Green Bay!

Green Bay, United States

Well, we're still going!

Finally we've left the cabin, and here we are, in Green Bay, Packers home. Actually, is a small town, good food at Marty's and a lot Packers' stuff. They have a nice stadium (I don't know if they call like that)... and a lot of marketing!

permalink written by  frost the traveller on January 7, 2008 from Green Bay, United States
from the travel blog: USA here I go!
tagged USA, GreenBay and Football

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Canada!?!? Hell, yeah!!!

Niagara Falls, Canada

Well, there you go... after 2 days travelling, we've finally reached Canada.

It was an adventure, including walk on the frozen surface of Lake Huron. Yeah! Frozen! It was one of the funniest things I've ever did... my feet was freezing, but we couldn't help it but going on. The ice was beautiful, each piece of ice was different, different colors and textures!
After dozens of pictures and after I got my feet wet finally, we went trought. We drove for hours, and finally reached Michigan. And we stopped at a very cheap motel, that kind that you see on the movies, where people ged murdered... cheap, kinda dirty, but enough. And guess what?? We also ate at a diner, a classic one, and I loved it! The kind of experience I'll never forget.

Now we finally reached Niagara Falls, the Canadian side. We drove throught Canada (wich was just ok) and finally got here. The city is like a mini Vegas, with a lot of children stuff.

And yesterday, we went to a casino. It was my first time in a place like that, and it was nice. But people spend a lot of money on those places... I don't know if I can do that. Anyway, we're going there today again.

The falls are awesome. It's weird that they are in the middle of the city. I was imagining a park or something like that. They are illuminated by night, colorful lights. And yes, they are really huge... but I think it's better to visit on summertime.

Today is too cold and wet! But we enjoyed the city a little bit. Tomorrow we'll be back to the USA.

permalink written by  frost the traveller on January 10, 2008 from Niagara Falls, Canada
from the travel blog: USA here I go!
tagged Nature, Canada and Niagara

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Still New York

New York, United States

Well, I would really love to write about this amazing city... I've spent eight days here, and it has been amazing... so many things to do, good food and weird people!!! I'm really enjoying it, and we did pretty much everything we wanted to, so we'll be living tomorrow :(
After a visit to Chinatown, of course...

I'll come back for more.

permalink written by  frost the traveller on January 18, 2008 from New York, United States
from the travel blog: USA here I go!
tagged NewYork and USA

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Going to Florida - Part 1

Point Pleasant, United States

Well, here we are again...

Getting down to Florida! And our first stop is here, at Pleasantville... it is not a big city, is just a very nice beach city, small, with a lot of beautiful houses, the way I've never seen. We're driving the long way through the coast, so we'll take a little longer to get there.

permalink written by  frost the traveller on January 20, 2008 from Point Pleasant, United States
from the travel blog: USA here I go!
tagged Beach, USA, Coast and NewJersey

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