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Black Sea Discovery
Sitges, Spain

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Sitges, Spain

Stayed with Kit and Neville in their apartment in Sitges

permalink written by  Tim on August 7, 2006 from Sitges, Spain
from the travel blog: Sitges, Spain
tagged Spain

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Budapest - start

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest first day Wednesday 19
Arrived in Budapest mid afternoon tired after long time airborne. (stops in Dubai - stinking hot - and Vienna, from where we flew Austrian Airways, Dash 8 plane, Danube river visible and postcard picture laid out towns along the way). Watched two excellent movies "Shadows in the Sun" and "Ask the Dust" on Emirates planes. Both about writers trying to (re)discover their inner voice. Taxi to Sofitel hotel which is very mod and nice features including fast internet access.
Budapest is a large and sprawling city with interesing architecture, more about this later. Getting to know this blog software, has nice features like mapping application but dunno if I can map Danube journey very accurately.

Budapest second day Thursday 20
First foray on foot into the city about 9am. Found a pair of my beloved Nike slip-ons (my current pair are worn out couldn't find in OZ or NZ). Still trying to find a brimmed hat - ok, should have got this in OZ/NZ. Also bought wine and hand painted Hungarian plates. Changed 50 Euros into Hungarian currency called Forint (they don't seem to accept Euros here). Better not to exchange money on the street as the buggers charge a lot.
Camera works ok (thanks Bevan!) and got some shots which will appear on the blog. The blog software has just enabled adding editing of photos (descriptions etc) which is a nice touch.
Budapest bombed severly during WW2 - 1 in 4 buildings damaged and can still see signs if you know where to look. Hard to believe commie pinkos had control of Hungary for many years (and bloody anti-communist uprising 1956) but decidedly capitalist now.
Looks like most of Europe is in for a heat wave for next several days - better find that hat.

permalink written by  Tim on July 19, 2006 from Budapest, Hungary
from the travel blog: Black Sea Discovery
tagged Budapest and Sofitel

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