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We're off home now

London, United Kingdom

I made the most of my time with Nan and Grandad today - it's so sad to be leaving! I love them! It's been special spending so much time with them and we've really had a fun time. I'll miss Grandad rocking me to sleep.

Dawn, Steve and Eva came over to say goodbye too. There will be tears.

Grandad drove us to the airport and it was terrible to say goodbye.

After checking in, Jo and Pip turned up to say goodbye too. They're just so lovely!

Customs and Security at Heathrow are crazy - and Mum blames them for the fact that I popped out of the push-chair and onto the floor! Luckily I pretty tough, but there were definitely tears.

I'm an old pro at flying now, so the three flights (we stopped in Singapore for an hour and Chch for 2 hours) were a breeze. M&D looked pretty wacked though.

Nana and PopaDon were there to meet us in Wellington - after getting up at 3am and driving all the way from the Coromandel - I must be worth it!!

permalink written by  megankevin on January 2, 2009 from London, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: London
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New Years Eve

Brentwood, United Kingdom

It was back to Aunty Dawns for a couple nights, including NYE. Eva and I played tag-team to keep the parents awake most of the night before NYE. Oh well, they should nap more.

They did all look pretty crap the next day, and Dad and Dawn were pretty p'd off when the pub we went to for lunch had no jacket potatoes - well, no food at all actually. We ended up having to get McDonalds for lunch before we braved the suermarket for NYE supplies. Eva and I were in bed before everyone else turned up, but I made sure to make up just after midnight - I heard a party going down and I wanted part of it!! I went back to sleep pretty quickly after downing a drink though (mmmm....milk....).

Mum came to bed not long after, but Dad rolled in after 4am! In the morning, Uncle Steve showed us an hilarious video of Dad singing - looked like a great night had my all!

We went to this great carvery restaurant for lunch on NY Day - I love parsnips!

permalink written by  megankevin on December 30, 2008 from Brentwood, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: London
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Visiting the Wombles

Wimbledon, United Kingdom

We packed up for a night away - all the way South West in Southfields/Wimbledon! After a loong tube trip and a ride on the bus we found our way to Jo's flat. What a lovely place - and what a lovely lunch........we love Christmas leftovers!!

After eating too much, again, we took off on a huge walk down to Wimbledon shops - to buy clothes for ME!! We walked along the side of Wimbledon Common and you just wouldn't believe the houses there! Just amazing.

Mum and Dad really splashed out on me at the Next sale, so I guess they deserved a couple of pints at the pub before we bused back to Jo's.

I went to bed, but it sounded like M&D had a great old time with Jo, watching crap on TV, talking lots of crap and drinking some dark strange smelling stuff with coke....

Pip came over in the morning and we all went out for brunch in Wimbledon Village - at Giraffe. We walked back to Jo's again and when Mum popped me down to prepare my lunch I thought it would be a good time to show them what I could do - CRAWL!! Everyone was so excited! My clapping is coming along quite well too.....

After a long trip back home to Barking, M&D got ready to go out again - this time to catch up with some old work mates at Covent Garden. They had a really nice night out with Philippa S, Mel and Kaye, and their mates.

permalink written by  megankevin on December 27, 2008 from Wimbledon, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: London
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Boxing Day

Barking, United Kingdom

It was a much quieter day today, but I made sure not to miss the feast Nan made for lunch today! Annie came over today and so did my other cousin Troy.

permalink written by  megankevin on December 26, 2008 from Barking, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: London
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Santa came!!

Brentwood, United Kingdom

I woke up early this morning and when we opened the bedroom door there was a big sack of pressies - for ME!! Santa came (well, it could've been Nan and Grandad..)! I took my sack down to the Christmas tree and opened up my stash. I got some lovely books, an animal train, some stacking blocks....etc... I think I like this Christmas palava!

After brekkie, and once we all got dressed up nice, we headed back to Aunty Dawns place for a BIG feast! I actually slept through lunch but everyone raved about it and looked pretty satisfied in the afternoon.

Uncle Steve and Karen and Uncle Ray were all there too.

We played some games in the evening and Nan and Grandad took us home late.

What a great first Christmas!!

permalink written by  megankevin on December 25, 2008 from Brentwood, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: London
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Great Gran

Barking, United Kingdom

Today I met my Great Grandmother! She was lovely - really cute, with a wonderful laugh. She's a true cockney lady - I really liked her.

permalink written by  megankevin on December 24, 2008 from Barking, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: London
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Shopping with the ladies

London, United Kingdom

Mum left Dad and I to hang out with the Grandparents while she headed to the shops with her good mates Pip and Jo.

They had a wonderful day checking out the shops on Oxford and Regent Streets, having a good pub lunch and even topped it off with a drink down a lovely wee side street off Regent Street. The weather is so mild this week and apparently they sat outside - in winter...who would have thought...?

Mum said there were soooo many people out and about doing their Christmas shopping - they were literally getting dragged along the pavement in the throngs!

As it got dark, all the Christmas lights came on and looked just beautiful apparently.

permalink written by  megankevin on December 23, 2008 from London, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: London
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Roast dinner!

Hackney, United Kingdom

Today we caught the (very delayed) Tube to Aldgate East where we met Sarah for a great tour of the local area. Unfortunately Spittlefield market doesn't open on a Saturday, but there was plenty more to check out. We walked down some cool little streets that must have been there FOREVER! We wandered down Brick Lane with all it's Indian restaurants and checked out some of the local markets. We wandered down the main road, which is filled with many clubs and bars - the area seems very much the place to be now.

We finally made it to Sarah's flat - which is in a high-rise! Another new experience for me. It was very mini, but a very nice place. We had a wonderful roast dinner which Leanne cooked, with lamb and loads of veges (which I helped out with eating!). It was a lovely afternoon catching up.

We had planned to meet up with Mum's friend Emma P after that and when she called we realised that she only lived very near by - excellent! We met her on her way back from Xmas shopping and walked to her place via a great little market. We bought some lovely fresh bread and cheese and went back to hers for more chatching up and laughing! She has a lovely place to live - 4 stories with a large back yard! She made M&D some great smelling toasties before we headed home at about 10pm!! big day/night out for me!!!

permalink written by  megankevin on December 20, 2008 from Hackney, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: London
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West Thurrock, United Kingdom

Yay, we had a lovely day out with Nan and Grandad at Lakeside Shopping Centre! It was straight to a coffee shop for their beloved coffee and then enjoyed their usual at the food court - baked potatoes with tuna and sweetcorn.

They headed off in the afternoon to pick up cousin Annie from school, leaving M&D and I to keep shopping. Dad found a Ben Sherman shop with a sale - lethal combination - he bought three things and then Mum thought she should join in and bought a top too!!

Grandad came back to pick us up about 5 and then it was a nice night in.

permalink written by  megankevin on December 19, 2008 from West Thurrock, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: London
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Covent Garden

Covent Garden, United Kingdom

After a nice relaxing morning playing (I think I deserve it!), we went back into town to meet cousin Clare. She's lovely little lady and we had a wonderful time catching up. Again, Covent Garden and Soho in the afternoon was beautiful, with all the lights and people enjoying some Christmas cheer. It does get dark here awfully early! We spent lots of time wandering about and catching up, so it was another late one - I even got to have my lunch and dinner out tonight!!

permalink written by  megankevin on December 18, 2008 from Covent Garden, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: London
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