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The Crazy Adventures of the Tibbler
The New (Zealand) adventures of the Tibbler
Return of the Tibbler - Down Under

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If you are reading this, you know who i am... If you dont, then you should after reading this little lot. Having fun & doing crazy things is the agenda, and achieving it so far.

The famous four

Clevedon, New Zealand

The beginning (another one) of the famous four adventures. This story, like many others, involves fishing, drinking, camping, Rugby and freefalling over the largest lake in NZ... OH yes, and the meeting of a band. Im now a goupie.

permalink written by  Vegtibbles on August 27, 2006 from Clevedon, New Zealand
from the travel blog: The New (Zealand) adventures of the Tibbler
tagged Jeronimo

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Road trip

Northland, New Zealand

Tuesday the 15th of August was the birthdate of our collection of the 'Wicked' camper and the beginning of an interesting 'road trip'.

permalink written by  Vegtibbles on August 15, 2006 from Northland, New Zealand
from the travel blog: The New (Zealand) adventures of the Tibbler
tagged RoadTrip

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I want ´that day´ back.

Auckland, New Zealand

Im not liking the idea that we leave South America on a Thursday, and arrive in Auckland NZ on Saturday morning. This means, for those of you sharp enough to work it out, that i have lost a whole day of my life crossing the date line. As i was not really aware of this before i bought my STA round the world ticket, i feel somewhat robbed of 'a day in the life'. I do feel very unhappy with this situation, but i am told that i get to collect the hours back as i work my way back to the UK. Phew. So keep an eye out by the end of this trip for bonus hours of fun that should have been here. Enough waffling done,

permalink written by  Vegtibbles on August 12, 2006 from Auckland, New Zealand
from the travel blog: The New (Zealand) adventures of the Tibbler
tagged You, Can, Keep, The and Dirt

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Farewell South America...

Santiago, Chile

In a nutshell...

Favourite food in South America: Empanada
Items lost/stolen: SD memory card, white cardigan, memory card reader, turbie towel, camera (twice) but found both times.
Place that will be most missed: Machu Picchu
Items purchased: Where do i start bowler hat, dvds, souvineers* 1000s of postcards, 2pairs of trainers, spiderman pillow, pashmina*
Favourite saying: Besame* (kiss me)
Spanish words learnt: Besame* (kiss me), Con Calme* (easy tiger), banos* (toilet), quesiera* la quenta por favor* (could i have the bill please), perdon (sorry), comes das* (how are you), Quanta es*? (how much is this)
Snow-capped mountains sighted: Shit loads
New hobbies: Horse-riding, drinking beer, partying hard, surviving on no sleep
Funniest quote: i am very unhappy about this situation
Most random event: The night of six stories, Pisac
Outfit of the continent: Has to be the Pashmina
Favourite mode transport: Snow Mobile
Scariest event: Bus journey from Potosi to La Paz
Favourite country: Bolivia
Friends made: Too many to speak of, special mentions to Philippa, Andrew, James, Stefan, Hoar (Nick)...
Tune of South America: Hips don't lie, Shakira (not by choice, it was just overplayed).

  • I did not learn how to spell on this trip. Sorry mum & dad & Mrs Crocker (English teacher from school)

  • So our flight from Cuzco to Santiago via Lima went to plan. All of us on edge as we know what we are like with flight dates. Looking forward to a good day out in Lima turned out to be a let down and ended up surfing the net, eating cake and watching Pirates of the Carribean 2 on a proper screen. The flight was quite pleasant, the 12 hr wait from the previos flight wasnt, but the less we talk about that the better. We arrived back in Santiago at 1am, not thinking to book any accomodation for our last three nights in South America and end up walking the streets for around an hour with my 100kg bag barely hanging from my shoulders. Spotted a few drag queens, but the lack of sleep from our escapades left me cross rather than amused by the men/she's attire. Naturally Tuesday, Wednesday and even the day of our flight were spent shopping for the final crappy gifts to send home.

    I managed to upset a shop assistant at the Falabella department store, when rudely i asked if i could have a plastic bag without purchasing anything. I know, how rude of me to ask such a ridiculous question on such a lovely Wednesday afternoon. The assistant proceeded to call her manager over and discuss the situation she was in, who in turn curled up his nose and denied me of the luminous carrier of joy. You can tell i was gutted. Still hurts a little now, so ill say no more.

    All in all, apart from my total lack of Spanish vocab & ability to read a street map we managed to end our visit to South America in one piece. Once at the airport, after a three way hug with the boys & a few more purchases from the gift shops, we said our final farewell to our Spanish experience. This place was absolutly awesome.

    permalink written by  Vegtibbles on August 10, 2006 from Santiago, Chile
    from the travel blog: The Crazy Adventures of the Tibbler
    tagged InANutshell

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    The night of six stories - Back end of Cuzco

    Cuzco, Peru

    Veg is back, thats right, back. After just about completing the 5 day trek our thoughts turned quickly to letting our hair down & beer. Well, i say that as if we hadnt had a drop of the good stuff for 5 whole days, which isn~t actually true. What i mean to say is that we couldnt wait to get away from each other and back into civilization... This entry really should be attached to the previous one, but so much happened that night it has been upgraded to an entry of its very own.

    permalink written by  Vegtibbles on August 4, 2006 from Cuzco, Peru
    from the travel blog: The Crazy Adventures of the Tibbler
    tagged TheNightOfSixStories

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    The climax, Salcantay Inca Trail

    Cusco, Peru

    So, here we are. Only 10 days left in South America and what better way to end it than a 5 day excruciating Salcantay trek, climaxing at the grand Machu Picchu ruins. It starts tomorrow, the 31st July, so ill update the blog (and the rest, tsk) upon my return. The thought of another 5 days without a wash and camping in freezing conditions excites me so much, i can hardly contain myself.

    permalink written by  Vegtibbles on July 31, 2006 from Cusco, Peru
    from the travel blog: The Crazy Adventures of the Tibbler
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    Bowler hats VS Boaters? The Peruvian experience

    Arequipa, Peru

    I miss fashion, so i was glad to notice on my bus journey crossing from Copacabana in Bolivia to Puno in Peru, that the Bolivian/Peruvian ladies enjoy different types of hats. Im going to look into the reason for each selection of hat, being so random im sure i wont be disappointed by the result of the research. Bolivian women go for the bowler hat perched on the very tip of the head (much like Mr Benn), im still very interested how they get their has to stay on as there is no evidence of a clip or glue. Another avenue of research maybe. The Peruvians prefer the more casual boater.... These are the kind of questions that float around my mind in an attempt to pass time on the oh so horrfic ordeals i call public transport. A far cry from the full Cama bus mentioned in previous blogs.

    permalink written by  Vegtibbles on July 24, 2006 from Arequipa, Peru
    from the travel blog: The Crazy Adventures of the Tibbler
    tagged BoatersOrBowlers

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    Jungle Boogie - The Amazon Rainforest

    Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

    Do you know the song by Kool and the gang? I dont know what jungle they were talking about, but it certainly wasnt the one i was in.

    permalink written by  Vegtibbles on July 15, 2006 from Rurrenabaque, Bolivia
    from the travel blog: The Crazy Adventures of the Tibbler
    tagged GetUpGetUpThePigsAreHere

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    To infinity...AND BEYOND!

    La Paz, Bolivia

    Not content on visiting the southern-most city in the world, i thought it best to fit in the Highest Capital City in the world. Now ive done this (arriving in La Paz in the early hours of Sunday), what can top this? Youll soon find out...

    permalink written by  Vegtibbles on July 11, 2006 from La Paz, Bolivia
    from the travel blog: The Crazy Adventures of the Tibbler
    tagged BuffMyShoesSirWhyIHaveFlipflopsOnDummy

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    Champagne Backpacker, whats wrong with looking good in the desert?

    Uyuni, Bolivia

    Sorry guys, ive been really slack with the blog updates. Hopefully i will have ample time to fully update my previous blogs tomorrow, so look forward to that! Love to you all xxx

    permalink written by  Vegtibbles on July 6, 2006 from Uyuni, Bolivia
    from the travel blog: The Crazy Adventures of the Tibbler
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