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The city of [christmas] lights

Paris, France

my lasssst trip within europe (FOR NOW) was to paris. i went with my friends liz, catherine, sarah, sera, and kara, and we met liz's friend katrin there, who is studying in Gronoble, just outside of Paris.
we spent the first night of our trip in the airport, how fun. NOT. after that we swore we wouldnt ever do it again. we got into paris at about 930 and didnt actually get in and out of our hostel until about 430, almost a whole day wasted waiting for people to do their hair ha, ah well.
this was katrin's third time in paris so she was able to show us around. we went to the latin quarter (called that after the language, not culture) notre dame which was HUGE and so so beautiful with a wonderful christmas tree all lit up right in front. we also went to the panthium...? ha, wow im good at remember stuff.. :\ then we went to dinner and ate the mos delicious cheese ive ever eaten in my LIFE and also i had es cargo!! what! can you believe it?? i ate snails! and reallly enjoyed them :)
then we met up with my friend sam, who is studying in paris for the year, and went to the eiffel tower. its the 120th year anniversary so they had light shows all night so we watched one of them. so beautiful. i cant wait to show everyone pictures.

the next day we took a walking tour of versaille. that was pretty fun, a little rainy. we learned a ton about the 93874289 king louis'. that was actually very intereseting and we had a really great tour guide sooo the next day, we did a walking tour of paris with him.
but before that, we discovered a friend in our hostel room...a mouse, yep, and i asked the hostel guy for a mouse trap and he said. oh..you dont want to kill the hostel pet. funny, not. so we slept with a mouse for the rest of our time in paris.

okay, walking tour of paris, also very interesting. our tour guide is from new zealand and hes been in paris for 6 months and he is so so so intelligent. it was POURING rain so i got my one and only souveneir in paris, a paraagua...an umbrella. woo
k so we saw the fountain that the lady threw her phone into at the end of the movie
we saw the arch de triumph...totally going to butcher the spelling of every french word, we went to a museum that has monet's water lillys, which were spectacular and we also learned that king henry was cremated, but he was put in a box that was put in a box in a box in a box...for 7 times and he was put in this building, but in the ground in the building, so everyone who goes to see him still has to 'bow' to him. so hitler went to see him, but refused to bow to him, so he brought a mirror and looked at him through the mirror, but as he was leaving his thingabob fell out of his hair and instinctively he bent over to pick it up..accidentally bowing to king henry. ha
the last day in paris was liz's 21st birthday. her and i went to the louve, saw the mona lisa, which funnily is about 2 feet tall, and on the wall across from the biggest painting in all of the louvre, there are 35,000 pieces of art in that museum. it would take three weeks of being in the louvre from open to close, looking at each piece of artwork for 10 seconds, to see every piece of art in the museum. SO GIANT! but it was beautiful, i loved it. funny story. liz and i went expecting to pay the 11 euro to get in, and we walk in and are extremely confused when we cant find the place to buy tickets so we just walk in...and for about 20 minutes we were just kind of laughing and wondering how we just walked into the louvre..without paying..and no one stopping us. turns out they're on strike, which we knew, but the museums had been closed, but for some reason they opened it up and just decided not to charge people for the day, que suerte. how lucky.
then we went to the eiffel tower again, but during the day which was cool to see, or to not see...there were massive amounts of fog so we could only see about the bottom half of the tower. kinda funny actually. but this is where my favorite monito picture took place, (get excited sammy!)
then lastly we went to..uhh.. montmontra? its a little area just on the edge of paris. its completely different than paris, small and windy roads and a big hill with a beautiful view of all of paris. we sat and ate a crepe with nutella at the top of the hill at a really cute little cafe then made our way back down, in the midst of a gazillion christmas lights. so beautiful.
and well whatdya know, our flight was too early in the morning, earlier than any transportation was available, so we spent another night in the airport, the worst night ever. not fun. ha.
then liz and i spent the day in madrid on tuesday. we wanted to go to the reina sofia museum to see dali's stuff, but oh what luck, the museum was CLOSED! so we just walked around then headed back to granada.

one week til home. yikes!

permalink written by  Taryn Hawkins on December 10, 2009 from Paris, France
from the travel blog: Granada
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