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The most precious present

Shenba, China

Everybody has given, received the present more or less. How much money by costing someone is to calculate the value of the present; Someone is in order to weighing value via the affection that the present transmits.

Just because each one's values are different, have no idea to bring all presents to weigh at all, see which one is the most valuable on earth. When you think a priceless diamond is the most valuable, someone would rather take one card too maybe perhaps.

However, a thing is absolutely that everybody generally acknowledges the most valuable one, that is time.

Time is Heaven's gift for us, it is 86400 seconds that it gave everybody one day very fairly. Because if we will not make the best of it, even if waste it in vain, it designs a system yet - -Something unexpected may happen any time, let us know time is valuable.

Just because time is like some preciousness, and can not use any method to increase, so, when it is shared with others that we bring it, what we gave to the other side is actually very rare present.

Real and priceless, because time is used for weighing the utensil of the life, as soon as you spent time on others, you in fact regard one's own life as the present.

Everybody knows that will treasure one's own time, but the moment not paying attention to getting along with others very much, this is because we only know time is one's own assets, but it is for exchanging with other things not to realize the time to lose that we spend is actually. You spent time in the above of job, the ones that were brought are money and fulfillment; When you are in recreation, are exactly using the tranquility changed for a moment time; Gather with the friend, just use time to bring the friendly feelings.

From now on, the time to often share you with the person who is most worth treasuring in the life! Let the other side know how important he is to you. Because he is you with the person that the life loved, if you connect the time unwilling cost with this, any reason says " I would like to die for you " The woolen cloth?

permalink written by  protein on December 29, 2009 from Shenba, China
from the travel blog: Tour of the dream
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