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Berkeley, United States

Gosh, textbooks are expensive.

I bought enough of them today to fill a library and that was only for two of my five papers! I am feeling very overwhelmed at the moment, because Massey told me to take a minimum of 16 units (which is four more than recommended) and then the American army dumped more on top of that. I think I will be spending more of my precious American time running around desperately trying not to be late rather than soaking up the atmosphere of this magnificent campus.

Today (and yesterday) was Caltopia. This is like a trade fair on steroids – when I went there I made a mistake and went during lunch-time. The gym was full of 15 000 students and one marching band, so things were a little too intense for me. I got lots of free stuff – from the most unlikely of places. I was walking along when a lady from the sperm-bank gave me a key ring with “only the strong survive” on it. I got roasted peanuts from the airline that was advertising there, and I had to move REALLY fast to avoid being recruited into an Army contest to see who could do the most push-ups. That ain’t me team.

Anyway, back to my huge pile of textbooks. Now I am broke. Due to some strange American thing you have to be in New Zealand to transfer money to an overseas account from a New Zealand account. To get around this I get to do a bit of a musical money game where I transfer it to my parents who transfer it to me in America. Parents are great.

Tomorrow I have soccer practice which should be very fun, except I have to get up early and then get hit in the head by a soccer ball fired by someone called Francisco (who is this Italian guy). In fact my entire team seems to be made up of Germans and Italians, the two countries who made the finals of last year’s world soccer cup. I hope I don’t get hurt – medical insurance here costs the earth and they haven’t sent me my blue card that says I’m covered yet. Our mail seems to be disappearing into the mists of time at the moment, and we really need to fix it so I can feel safe!

I am being invited to heaps of things at the moment - like Frat parties and volleyball games ad stuff. The Volleyball games are intense - Americans get really into the whole thing. There were about two thousand people there (at a University womens volleyball game!) and whenever we scored the commentator would yell "POINT!" and we'd throw our fists into the air and yell back "BEARS!" A huge chorus of groans would come when the othe team scored. At half time we had a player profile and then my side of the gym yelled "GO!" and the other side yelled "BEARS!" It was pretty cool actually - it's great to be part of that type of support. They never once booed - even when the refs made some downright wacky calls. Apparently that's an antipodean thing.

Anyway - STILL having a great time

STILL wish you were here (and you should wish that as well!)



permalink written by  Crosswood on August 25, 2007 from Berkeley, United States
from the travel blog: New Zealand Student, American University.
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I love getting into crowds that are into things. Its the main reason i like Harry Potter over many better books! Also why i'm going to try and go to the sevens even though i'm not a rugby fan. Or at least be in a sports bar. Everyone gets really into it

permalink written by  Rebecca on August 26, 2007

I WISH I WAS THERE...SOUNDS LIKE MY KINDA PLACE MARGIE...lucccccccckkkkyyyyyyyy! :D Missin u xx

permalink written by  Annabel on August 29, 2007

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