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Dongguan, China

Here we are in Dongguan...We had our 2 nights in Hong Kong - didn't do any shopping there as our bags were already too full!! On arrival in Dongguan the first 2 things to hit us were the smog and the heat...it was a bit of a shock really, after coming from coolish days in Canberra. ...it's hot again today...so we have set up 'the fridge' - that's our name for the one room that we put the air conditioning on in, and then we can go and sit in there every so often!!!

We went for a walk earlier today and found a nice bit of park - beautiful green trees and even green grass - so I did a bit of Tai Chi which caused much interest...I will have to get used to people stopping and staring!! I might try and get up and go down there early a few mornings a week - it might be a touch cooler then.

I don't think China is in drought, judging by the lovely greenery that is around, but I think it may be heading for one, given the amount of water that Andrew and I are consuming at the moment!!

Yesterday we had a little trip to the local big grocery store where they have imported goods as well - so we have stocked up on Cadbury chocolate, magnums, biscuits, corn flakes, and even butter - it's actually Irish butter called 'Kerry Gold' and it's great. Actually the store is huge - it has everything - including half a pig if we ever care for one!!. To shop at the store we have to set up an account - so we'll have to do that next time (yesterday we used Tamzin's card). (Tamzin is the Aussie girl who hired us - she has been in China for 3 years or so). We bought some veggies and chicken fillets too, so our first home cooked meal will be happening very soon.

So far the people that we've met around - the Chinese people- have been quite friendly - there is a nice guy called 'Sam' who works in the little corner shop just downstairs from our apartment. He doesn't speak a lot of English but enough to help us out a bit.

Our apartment is in a complex that has a security gate and guards at the front - all cars coming in are checked (including the boot). The security guards aren't too scary though - there are some stationed around the complex too and they say hello to us when we go past. There is an outdoor pool in our complex too - so that's nice - except I didn't bring my swimmers - I'll have to find some over here - shouldn't be too hard. There is a small gym down the road and another bigger swimming pool that we can go to. Today we walked past the gym and there was a game of basketball going on - uniforms and all. Andrew could join the local team - I suggested it but he wasn't too keen!!

We start 'training' next Saturday and then start real teaching the following Tuesday. We saw Andrew's computer lab yesterday and it is very impressive - and air conditioned, so he will be teaching in comfort! The school is really nice and has sayings painted up on the walls in English (the one that stood out for me was 'Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise...hmmm....i wonder if I'll be able to get up early over here!!!)

The only real drawback of our accommodation is that the beds are SO hard - may as well sleep on the floor. Tamzin gave us a couple of little mattress things to put on top of the mattress, but we might have to find a couple more. Apart from that the apartment is great - it has a washing machine, microwave, little gas stove, kettle, toaster, TV, dvd player, iron, etc. The shower is funny - it's not enclosed - you just go into the bathroom and it's the shower room as well - the water goes everywhere so you have to mop up afterwards and mop the water towards the drain.
Anyway, hope everyone is well and thought I'd let you know that we arrived safe and sound!

permalink written by  arterra on August 26, 2007 from Dongguan, China
from the travel blog: China Adventure
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