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Getting started

Townsville, Australia

Getting started was and is the most time consuming and money burning activity, for one you have to have a capable vessel that can handle the rigors of the ocean also comfortable enough to spend hours dozing and relaxing.
With Nightmoves she fulfills all the criteria needed for a safe and comfotable voyage, the storage onboard is huge there is enough room for a years supply of tucker, we made up a list of must haves for the trip, The first thing that was installed was the kick arse air-conditioner this is a must in the tropics when anchored in a mosquito infested river or when it's just hot and humid, of course a generator is then required to run the thing.
Next up is power requirements to run the 12 volt electronics and gadjets without using the generator, 4 solar panels were installed on the roof and combined they produce up to 200 amps a day, this is more than we need and there are the days when the sun doesn't shine, refridgeration is a big thing so we have backed up the standard fridge which runs on LPG. with a 70 litre 12 volt fridge /freezer which runs off the solar panel battery bank, this bank has 380 amp hours of power even on overcast days there is sufficient backup to run the fridge.
The next thing on the agenda was sail/rigging condition the headsail is fine but the mainsail had a bit missing in the middle so $1,900.00 later the new main was fitted and all is good, the rigging was inspected by a fellow from Airlie and despite the age (11 years) all's good there as well.
Next consideration is fuel/LPG/fresh water, at the moment there is 500 litres of fresh water and 380 litres of fuel, a tank was purchased for 400 litres of fuel but working out that each motor burns 3.8 litres an hour thats 50 hours running both engines @ a boat speed of 8 knots gives a range of 400 nautical miles, running 1 motor will give a range of 600 nautical miles, the decision was made to carry 40 litres of diesel as back up if needed. The 400 litre tank will now be used for fresh water this will last a month at least. LPG for refridgeration, cooking and water heating is covered by 6/20 litre bottles these will last 10 weeks if required to.
A new GPS, EPIREB, VHF Marine Radio, Flares, Electronic Charts are now on board, the bank account suffered but all the gear bought was necessary to ensure a safe trip.
On the food front we have found many things that do not require refridgeration, the best thing was pre-cooked beef and lamb in food grade bags which you store in the cupboard for up to 18 months, tinned butter which has a shelf life of 12 months, you can get long life cheese but it is very salty and bland. Yogurt comes in a bag and is made as required, ice cream comes in a bag as well. Fresh bread we will make along the way, I think that we are well prepared all we have to do now is Go !!!!

permalink written by  Nightmoves on January 30, 2010 from Townsville, Australia
from the travel blog: Robbie and Tess around Australia
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To quote a famous saying......"TIME TO LEAVE GRASSHOPPER"
The Blog looks great Rob........THE AARDVARKS.

permalink written by  THE MAN!!!!!!! on February 4, 2010

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