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Paris in all her glory...

Paris, France

Ah yes gay Paris....beautiful as always and so dignified to arrive by train!

Staying in the Latin Quarter is great because it is lively and close to great train lines. Our hotel was quite good - simple but very clean and 2 minutes walk to the Metro and we had a private juliet balcony (for K to smoke out of anyway). We didn't have enough time in Paris but that's life! We packed so much in to 4.5 days but it's so expensive here that we had to make the decision to move on...


1. Georges Pompidou Centre (5th Floor) - Jane could have spent hours here and Kristian enjoyed it too - Kandinsky, Dali, Matisse, Tanguy, Delaunay etc all in the one spot....superb. Can,t say the same for the 4th floor (see low lights below);

2. FOOD FOOD FOOD - markets, pastries, bread, the BEST yoghurt - it's just too much! Jane's jeans are now too tight as she mistakenly thought "when in Rome...." (K of course has probably managed to lose weight!). Food shops like Fauchon, Hediard, Berthillon for the BEST icecream (gingerbread with real bits of gingerbread!) Obviously we aren't eating in the grand establishments but have found some good little bistros...

3. Rue Mouffetard - great area and fabulous market;

4. Beautiful St Chappelle - unfortunately being restored so the main Passion of the Christ window wasn't visible but absolutely the most beautiful monument in Paris

5. Viewing the Mona Lisa - she really is lovely (see rest of Louvre in lowlights)

6. THE METRO - I am Jane Queen of the Metro and I would sell my car tomorrow if we had a train system this good!

7. The Lalique shop.

LOWLIGHTS: Georges Pompidou level 4 - call us uneducated but really, the current brand of modern art is a crock! Jane is a 1900 - 1960ish girl - we wasted time TRYING to get it but we don't!; The Louvre - sorry but again just not interested - even got the tour to see if we could be; Paris is pricey; the Champs Elysee is not what it was!; French keyboards suck - stupid extra characters and letters in different positions!

INTERESTING FACTS: Police in Paris outdo the Amsterdam police being on bikes as they are on rollerblades!!!!; In Amsterdam and Paris they have a cute habit of serving gingerbread biscuits with tea - very nice - Jane is going to recommend john So bring in an ordinance making that compulsory in Melbourne cafes!; The French love the sound of their own voices (fair enough too!) so we have found ourselves watching US TV shows being dubbed - not subtitles - but dubbed - very funny!

USELESS INFORMATION: Jane can express herself in French but never understands the response!; You can virtually learn another language on the Bateaux Mouche as it's translated in so many languages!; Jane hates Becky the stupid host from CNN - the only English speaking channel in the hotel....but we loved the crazy weather girl; Believe it or not Jane forgot to bring sunscreen and managed to get burnt during a 22 degree day!

BEST LAID PLANS......Unfortunately even organised and well researched people like Jane can get it wrong from time to time.....We had the beautiful Luxembourg gardens within walking distance but a guide book had made it sound like it wasn't such a great picnic spot so we went all the way to the Bois de Boulogne only to find we were at the wrong end and considering it is about the same height as the whole map of Paris that was too bad, so our tip for a picnic is Luxembourg!!

permalink written by  JaneandKristian on September 14, 2007 from Paris, France
from the travel blog: Jane and Kristian's honeymoon
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