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Sunday night

Dongguan, China

Hi there!

It's Sunday night here after a nice restful weekend. Friday night we went for a swim at the pool down the road - we went with Jack, the Chinese computer teacher, so he organised a card for us so that we can go all the time (a frequent swimmers card!!). It was so nice to go to the pool and get out of the heat. The pool is beautiful. It's really surprising that it is always so quiet - not many adults go swimming. Then yesterday a teacher who has been here for a few years took us to computer city - a very dingy looking building absolutely packed with computer stores - Dad you would have loved it . Andrew bought a wireless router for about $35. To get to computer city we (andrew and I) climbed on to Geno's motorbike - a little thing - about a 90cc. We hooned off along the streets - lots of fun!! And Geno of course was on the bike too, so we must have looked a sight!! Chinese drivers are hilarious - the never seem to look around too much, but always seem to avoid things on the road - pedestrians, other cars, 3 wheeled things piled high with all sorts of things, slow cars, fast cars, etc. There are lane markings, but they are just a general guide really - not to be taken seriously at all!! A car horn is used to tell people you are coming, so if horns are going off, it doesn't mean that people are cranky, it just means "I'm coming through", or "I'm next to you, look out". People generally drive quite sedately, even though they may be driving on the wrong side of the road or even the wrong way. We haven't seen a hint of road rage. The taxis generally do not have seat belts.

Last night we went to 'One for the Road' (the English pub) and watched the Wallabies play Wales. Yum, they have delicious food there and no rice in sight. (Not that we don't like rice, but after a while it is nice to have a change!!) Mmmm, chips!! And bangers and mash are on the menu too - I'm sure I'll get around to trying them at some stage! My lungs are taking an absolute hammering at the moment - every second person here smokes, and they smoke everywhere - Andrew saw a man in a change room trying on a new shirt and he was smoking!!) The pollution is really bad at the moment too - it's very hazy out there. When I get home I am really going to appreciate those blue skies!!

Today, Sunday, we had another trip to Huying Park and we hired a tandem bike and went for a spin around the park. Tonight we'll have to do some lesson planning for those lovely little cherubs - Monday is our biggest day.

Better go, hope everyone is keeping well. Ruth

permalink written by  arterra on September 16, 2007 from Dongguan, China
from the travel blog: China Adventure
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Hey Ruth and Andrew

I'm really enjoying your blogs. It sounds like you're having an interesting time and even though you haven't there that long as yet, it seems you're really starting to get a feel for the place.

Can't wait to read more about your adventures.

permalink written by  Loueze Harper on September 17, 2007

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