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Bariloche, we like it a lo-che

San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

While we are loyal to England – the beautiful country that we live in, we have to admit that Argentina´s Lake District kicks our Lake District to the curb. We spent four days in Bariloche marvelling at the green foresty mountains and sparkly lakes.

Our first hostel turned out to be a little bit too `dreadlock friendly` for us and we felt too shaved, un-pierced and un-inked to be staying there. However, they did have a huge St Bernard dog called Otto who we fell in love with. Jodie became so besotted with the big bear-like honey monster that she plans to go back, break him free and bring him home in her backpack.

We moved hostels after one night to one in the centre of town which was much more “us” and we began our three days of hardcore Bear Grylls style activities. The proceedings kicked off with a very hilly 25km cycle ride through the Circuito Chico lake circuit. In cool weather on flat terrain we´re sure 25km wouldn`t feel like such a bum-blaster but in the 28 degree heat and constant uphill-downhill gradients, my word we were aching, especially in the groin area.

Tay was proud to be the only one of the three who didn`t have to get off her bike once to walk up any hills - even if that meant travelling up one particularly steep slope at the pace of a heavily tranquilised snail. While Tay has always acknowledged that she has thigh muscles that would put Roger Federer to shame, she was a little put out when Robbi charmingly put her achievement down to her "amazonian thighs" - surely a comment worthy of any ´top ten things never to say to your girlfriend´list. The view of the lakes when we reached the highest point was unbelievable and fairly surreal. When we reached the top we came over all emotional although we`re not sure if this was down to the incredible view or relief that the physical excursion was over and our bottoms could relax.

Options for the next day were either kayaking or horse-riding and considering the ache in our nether regions we opted for the former. What we hadn`t considered however was the effect of going with Roberto aka the man who sucks the fun out of all remotely competitive physical activities. With it being a really windy day we were given various cautions about not heading to far into the exposed middle part of the lake, which we of course ignored. We spent the whole time laughing uncontrollably as we drifted helplessly against the wind, and Robbi spent the whole time being generally angry and Italian and shouting at us to "stop tickling the water!" with our oars. Outdoorsy activity numero dos? Done.

Next in line was a mountain-based horse ride. We arrived at Tom Wesley´s riding school expecting full instructions and a helmet. In fact we got neither, mounting our horses in short shorts, flip flops, and looking nervously over at the untouched helmet rack. Our guide, an Argentinean Frankie Detori, lead us out of the stables and onto the track where we were a little alarmed as our horses started cantering in opposite directions towards the gates. After the intital panic and some mutterings of "not sure i`m comfortable with this" the horses settled down and it became a really enjoyable, mellow trot through the mountains.
Robbi, fancying himself as a bit of a John Wayne tough guy picked up a stick to hit his horse with but the stick was a bit too weedy and he ended up looking like he could have beaten Jake Gyllenhall to his role in Broke Back Mountain.

As if we hadn`t loved Bariloche enough we ended our visit there on a food related high to really seal the deal on our love for the town. We met an English couple, Hannah and Martin, who were also upset on having missed out on Pancake Day, so we joined forces to put on a pancake making marathon at the Hostel. We made a selection of both savoury and sweet pancakes and washed them down with a bottle of rum. The only thing better than pancakes is definately slightly drunk pancakes.

Reluctantly we peeled ourselves away from the lovely Bariloche and boarded a bus to Mendoza for the annual wine festival

DISCLAIMER: A notice to all parents and siblings...we are NOT, we repeat NOT going to Chile, so no need to worry!


permalink written by  JodesAndTay on March 8, 2010 from San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina
from the travel blog: Jodes and Tay escape to SA
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Bicycles? kayaks? horses?!! Are you sure this is the real Helen E Taylor with you on holidays? Where are the stories of sweaty fleshpots and pictures of randomly drunk people that we are used to?
Not complaining of course - you all look so healthy and clean - very reassuring for the fretting parents back home. And Robbi's beard is coming along nicely!
Now, I hope that you are not thinking of going to Chile!

permalink written by  Father O'Doode on March 8, 2010

Gosh are there any modes of transport you haven't tried yet!
St. Bernard, bike, kayak, horse, bus and plane, what is next?
Picture of Tay looks like Abbie after she's been at the Nutella, very fetching.
I was with your Mum over the weekend, Jodie, we explored Guildford, not far flung, but very exciting for us. Missed you though.
Keep up the blog, great to feel part of your travels.
Very glad you're not off to Chile.
Lol Aunty Carol & co x

permalink written by  Carol Rowden on March 9, 2010

oh wot i would hvae done to have some of those sweet pancakes!!! sad i got more excited about that than the nice views of the lake.

nice photos and nice to hear youre being active!!

tell robbie ive seen too much bum fluff and too many hot pants for one man in the last week of updates, brokeback mountain indeed!!

take care of yourselves


permalink written by  Weas on March 12, 2010

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