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First thoughts of India

Delhi, India

Things I Love about India:

- The FOOD! Its's soooo good and eating out is amazingly cheap. Bananas are 3 for 1p
- The bright colours the women wear

- How friendly, smiley and helpful they are (especially after you speak to them in Hindi or wave anyway). They also seem to have very close knit families which is so lovely
- Indians never seem to be in a rush and are very patient people. The are also very hard working!
- The monkies at the side of the road!
- The cows at the side of the road
- Tuk Tuks! (crazy nippy motorbike-type taxis you hop on after haggling price for)
- The weather (at the moment anyway)
- Rural areas are very green and grow soooo much sugar
- Chai (Indian Tea)
- Cheap hostels (tonight it is less than a quid each)
- How proud Indians are to be Indians (or from what the people we have met have said)
- The lack of backpackers here!

Things not so good:

- Being scammed! and ripped off cos they think we are rich and will pay what we pay in england here!
- How hard we have found it to book trains!
- Obviously, the poverty... it's heartbreaking having children come up to our taxi asking for money for food
- Accidentally eating whole chillis and feeling like there is fire in my mouth lol

Stuffs i find strange/funny:

- The traffic...they have no rules except that you can do what you want as long as you beep your horn!
- Being stared at everywhere you go

- They all seem to know and like the name Helen
- Cows pulling huuuuge wagons around
- Dogs everywhere (not had rabies jab = run like the wind away from them)
- How diverse the country is, wealth-wise.

Have been to the Lotus Temple in Delhi a.k.a Syndey Opera House! And to Dali Haat, which is a big market did really good food! Also have been to a school set up by the CSW for Dalits (the poorest people), which explains the photos. They have done amazing things to set that up for them as the have great education now, wheras before they were not allowed into schools!

Off to see the Taj Mahal tomorrow, leaving hostel at 5.30am to see it at Sunrise.
Till next time,
H xx

permalink written by  H on October 17, 2007 from Delhi, India
from the travel blog: H - Seeing the world...
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Great news you all seem to be having a great time. Sent an e-mail yesterday with Marks help but it has come back will have to check with Mark why that is. Will try again with information. The pictures you have sent are really good. Keep sending them. M.

permalink written by  hilary burgess on October 17, 2007

i totally agree with what you said about India.
as a developing country with a large population, i found the same probs too, actually, if you ever traveled in China, you would find the same probs, i always got those travel agencies to do ticket booking for me though.

permalink written by  Rainfield on October 17, 2007

Hey! Sounds like your having a great time already! Nice that your actually getting to mix with the locals. Keep us updated! Missing you! Rach x x

permalink written by  Rachel Shaw on October 19, 2007

Hey Helen, wow!! it sounds amazing what youve been up to so far, it sounds like youve done loads! im massivly jealous but glad your having such an amazing time! keep it up! and take care! xxx

permalink written by  Annabelle Wheeler on October 23, 2007

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