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Week 1 (and it's already mental!)

Bangkok, Thailand

Arrived at the hostel to find Karl had booked us into the smallest room available in ladyboy central. We decided to start the night at a few bars near our hotel and in the first bar we went into Karl decided to swipe the table smashing all 3 full pint glasses on the floor and ensuring we had the full attention of everyone in the bar! Once the embarrassment was over we decided to hit the town and got a tuk-tuk to the main backpacker area (Khao San Road). Thai girls are mental and jump on any westerner they see. We managed to pretty much avoid them but made the mistake of talking to a couple of them on the first night who proceeded to stalk Dan and Sean for the rest of the week! At about 3am, in true Backpacker style, Dan and Sean went to a club and got a bottle of Bacardi and a table!

Woke up on the second day at 3:30pm! Went into town and managed to find a hotel that was half the price and twice as nice as the ghetto that Karl booked us into (and also right next to the bars instead of a 45 minute taxi ride away).

On the third day someone suggested we should just 'pamper ourselves' to recover. So we all got Thai and Swedish massages and had an 8 step facial!(sounds a bit girly we know, but was pretty relaxing.)

Over the next few days highlights included The Grand Palace, random temples, lots of walking up and down Khao San Road and front row seats for Thai boxing (which was awesome).

During our first week we also managed to befriend some of the locals - one of the 'frog ladies' (women that walk around making funny sounds with wooden frogs that they are trying to sell) shouts 'Danny, Danny!!' every time she sees Dan. This is despite us refusing to buy her baby for 200 Baht (about 3 quid) - but Dan did kindly let the 1 year old drink some of his bucket of Long Island Iced Tea!

On our last night (in theory) we went out and watched the rugby. Karl's quote of 'The first few days were a bit strange but over the last two days we've really got into travelling mode' was wearing a bit thin after the 37th time he said it... Anyway, we ended up getting pretty hammered, made lots of friends, went to an awesome Irish bar playing live music and eventually all made it back to the hotel without any injuries.

Given that Karl felt horrific (possibly because he had a curry at 5am, went to sleep then got up and had another at 7am, then had a third for lunch at 1pm) he made the executive decision that we'd not bother getting the train to Cambodia today and instead stay an extra night in Bangkok.

Anyway, tomorrow we'll definitely get the train to Cambodia. Should be an experience - we're travelling with the locals, third class for a cost of 60 pence each! (SM)

permalink written by  Sean, Karl & Dan on October 15, 2007 from Bangkok, Thailand
from the travel blog: Around the world in 180 days...
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Lady boys, facials... are you guys finding yourselves at last?

permalink written by  Sherwin on November 3, 2007

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