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Oodels of noodles!

Guilin, China

We go back to Fengyan in a few hours so I thought I should take this opportunity at the
hostel to write again while I can。Yesterday we went to Seven Star Park which is a huge park in Guilin with 7 karsts that form the shape of the big dipper (although you can only see that if you are in a plane。 There are some caves you can visit with interesting stalectites and stalecmites that they have lit up in crazy phsycadellic colours which is pretty cool but I thought they would have looked nicer with much plainer lighting!It was a little bit too Disney-like。 Some of the rock formations looked a little man-made as well! But the park was very well looked after and there were lots of cute pavillions and waterfalls and some monkeys!Much better than the monkey walk at Trentham,sorry Robyn!
Then back in the city centre we were constantly hassled by people wanting to take us for trips on their bamboo rafts or visit their teahouses, and we ate at a fastfood noodle-rice bar which unfortunately was way too spicey and what we thought was Chicken was tofu, so we were all a little disappointed with dinner。
We are about to go for breakfast - noodles with pork, peanuts and seasoning - a typical Guilin dish。 We had it yesterday morning and this time we know it's delicious!!It's our favorite food of the whole trip so far and all agree we could eat it all day!

permalink written by  JillR on April 5, 2010 from Guilin, China
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It may be a better walk but I'm not there! So it can't be THAT good!

Hee hee, glad you got there safely and that your having a good time, hope the weather has got better for you!

Looking forward to seeing photos and such!

Big Hugs,

Robyn xx

permalink written by  Robyn Hayes on April 6, 2010

"I see your Smew colours shining through...."

permalink written by  Ian on April 8, 2010

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