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Flamenco, Sleep, Madrid

Madrid, Spain

Of course, I couldn't leave Sevilla without first enjoying some Flamenco... and sangria. Very fun. I'm not really sure what the name of the place we went to last night, but I do remember how hot and smokey it was. It's been a few years since anyone has been allowed to smoke in a club back in Canada and now I remember how gross your clothes smell after. Lots of people smoke here.

Anyways, after a very late night and a very early morning, I arrived in Madrid. I got to use my rail pass for the first time this trip. Bought a first class spot and wow! What a difference in service... how can I possibly go back to being a 2nd class passenger???!!! Pssshhhh..ha! WE had a meal, several beverage services AND a movie! ("The Young Victoria" or something like that...good, but not "Marie Antoinette" good, ha)

Checkin wasn't until 3pm so I left my luggage at the left-luggage at the train station and ended up walking the prado and then perusing the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. They have a very impressive collection along with a very nice temporary Monet exhibit. Seeing Monet's Water lillies has definitely given me more incentive to go to Giverny when I end up in Paris later. I wanted to go to Reina Sofia but I guess it is closed on Tuesdays. Ah, well. I did see ONE Miro .... and since I won't be going to [[Spain/Palma-de-Mallorca]], I guess that will have to tide me over for now.

Believe it or not it is 33C today in Madrid!!! It's very exhausting. I plan to walk around a bit later when it cools down (hopefully) before I call it a night. Although I haven't been here very long, my impression of Madrid is that it's a sprawling Metropolis. I guess I can't really have that much of an opinion if I'm leaving tomorrow, but that's just my 2 euros.

Tomorrow, Dublin.

permalink written by  Sarah Andrea on April 27, 2010 from Madrid, Spain
from the travel blog: Europe 2010
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Hey Sarah! First class spot on the rail.....that's the only way to go (if you can,that is, haha!). Have a great time on your short little visit in Madrid and then have an awesome time in my birth place!haha! Maybe they will be having the annual "Anne O'Reilly" was born here parade while you're there!? haha! Now that would be awesome! Aw, pics from my birthplace would be nice?!

permalink written by  Mommsie on April 27, 2010

I believe the monument is directly across the street from the hospital. Plus, there's always Anne Street. Haha.

permalink written by  Sarah Andrea on April 27, 2010

Hi sarah, im glad to see your having some fun and some lovely warm sun at the same time! ive been having a look to see how you are getting on but dont want to bother you too much. i miss our text so much and keep wishing i was going to be meeting you soon, never mind have the best of times and stay well and safe, love Susan and paul says hello too!

permalink written by  Susan Jane Lawton on April 27, 2010

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