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Starbucks me up a big one

Lima, Peru

This is going to be a mini-entry because Lima was pretty much just a city and our visit was fairly tame, so for once you won´t have to trawl through loads of waffle, hilaaaarious anecdotes or toilet chat. Obviously our geography isn´t up to scratch because we were pleasantly surprised to find that Lima is in fact on the coast and we were staying in Barranco a trendy little district on the clifftop overlooking the sea. We headed straight to Mireflores to the mall which has been built into the cliff face and is full to the brim of expats and backpackers who flock there for one reason, and one reason only. Starbucks. Sweet delicious frappucino, vanilla soy latte, chai and white mocha filled Starbucks. We know it is the ultimate in unoriginal and a fair few travelly wavelly hippie types would tell us that hitting up a Starbucks in Peru is soooooo tragic, but when the frappucinos are that good, who gives a shit? Three months without a proper coffee hit had really taken its toll and so we drank our mocha/latte fixes in a bit of a delirious frenzy. Just as good as we remember.

It was at this Starbucks that we met back up with our favourite aussie girl, Cill and started planning our next steps. She was heading to the Galapagos, but considering we aren´t exactly matching Victoria Beckham´s bank balance we were well and truly dashing all secret hopes to also visit the Galapagos and instead planned to get a flight to Colombia asap. This wasn´t as easy as it sounded because the website kept crashing and the flight agency was a million miles away in the business district which is locked in by a maze of huge disgustingly busy motorways. Bar the coastal areas of Mireflores and Barranco Lima is NOT an attractive city. Anyway, the flight booking ballache all over and done with we relaxed on our final day in Lima by heading to the central plaza and having a nosey round. We found a book fair going down outside the Government building and so went to top up our reading materials. This is where we ran into an admiring hoard of school children who literally stood next to us and stared and giggled for about 20 long awkward minutes. Jodie looked away for two minutes to study a book in closer detail and when she turned back, Tay was standing in the middle of the school children having her photo taken. God, a little bit of attention from some 8 year old Peruvian kids and she thinks she´s Heidi Klum or something. Tay also managed to score a couple of kisses on the cheek from a couple of the pluckier members of the group and one declaration of love. Result. After being trailed by the kids for ten minutes round the book fair and feeling a little bit like Lindsay Lohan trying to escape a knicker-shot from the paparazzi we left the Government building and headed back to the plaza where we ran into some Policemen all holding quite frankly, mahusive machine guns. They insisted on having a photo taken with us, you have to love how official South American police are, you really do.

We celebrated our last day in Lima with a seafood feast of paella, calamari and mussels. It was so tasty and we snaffled it down in record time...unfortunately something didn´t agree with Tay because she had to get up in the middle of the night to vomit it all up. It was days before she could even look at a calamari ring after that experience.

Next stop....Colombia baby!


permalink written by  JodesAndTay on May 4, 2010 from Lima, Peru
from the travel blog: Jodes and Tay escape to SA
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Hi girlies, not so sure about the pervy policemen but the food looks delicious. Can't wait to hear about the final leg of your journey : )

permalink written by  Mummy Cooper on May 6, 2010

Well, Tay, teaching looks as if it could be on the cards! Adoration from all the small people you teach!
Hope you are enjoying your last few days before reality hits and the harsh world of job searching!!!! xxxxx

permalink written by  Pat Taylor on May 9, 2010

It all looks so similar to Walsall(NOT)which is where I am working this week. Amazing to think that you are now on the last few days of your big adventure. Soo looking forward to having you home!

permalink written by  Father O'Doode on May 13, 2010

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