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Amigas Nueva

Santiago, Chile

Today we had quite the interesante potpourri of activities to say the least. We went to Agrosuper which is one of the major food commercialization plants in South America. they are in charge of things such as pork (which we got to see first hand), Chicken, turkey, and salmon, as well as their respective distribution throughout the world. We got to see the meat packing plant for pigs, which was pleasurable to some but extremely displeasure-able to others. All I'm saying is that the first thing that we saw when we walked in was the decapitated pigs lying on a conveyor belt. Nonetheless, it was like the star wars of slaughterhouses with all of the advanced machinery that they were able to utilize. It was astonishing to say the least.

Even though that was awesome, far and away my favorite part about Agrosuper was the school that benefited from their patronage that we were able to visit. All the children there were absolutely enthralled by our presence, and I got to do what I do best: play with children. It was so much fun. The amount of discipline that they instill in that institution is rivaled by none other I have ever seen, in a good way. Also, as previously stated we got to play with children. All they wanted to do was practice their English speaking skills on us, which relatively speaking were far and away better than my Spanish skills after a few years of refinement. Also, they composed a choir that performed in front of us, which was one of the most touching experiences of my life.

there was a young lady named Javii that Sam and I both fell in love with due to her enthusiasm and graciousness. We will see who wins in the Battle for her affection hahahaha. Overall, a great day indeed, and I am thankful for yet another opportunity to serve.


permalink written by  tjshepherd on May 15, 2010 from Santiago, Chile
from the travel blog: Neeley Fellows Trip to Chile
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