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Mumbai, India

Stepping over the border (over a metal bar) between Nepal and India was pretty odd, and straight away could tell we were back in India with pushy jeep taxi drivers trying to get us into their jeep! Crammed 4 of us into the middle section so the 1 1/2 hour journey to Gorakhpur wasnt the most comfortable. This busy town has a busy rail network which we stayed near, ate at a locals place where they looked at us funny when we asked for the menu and there was no cuttlery (had chicken curry, which tasted reeeally good!). Was expecting Delhi Belly after this experience though!

Our train to Delhi was 14hours, and my 1st overnight train (we splashed out on 3 tier A/C). Went very smoothly, just an hour delay and actually got some sleep! The other 2 people sharing our carriage were a wealthy Indian couple. The guy was extremely chatty, and told us he has the cure for HIV/AIDS/Cancer/everything else! It's called Transfer Factor. Spread the word! :-/ really impressed with the train, and love how they constantly come round with cheap chai, coffee, panne (water) and food!

Did more sight seeing in Delhi (Jama Masjid and the Red Fort), and the next day, after a month of avoiding it, and progressively getting more and more slack with what we ate...me and Hannah both got the dreaded Delhi Belly! We blame the street mo-mo we ate!

Flew to Mumbai and stayed at our worst accom yet (we each saw a rat while we were there). Mumbai is loads different to Delhi. 1st thoughts:

- so much more developed with more modern buildings, sky scrapers
- lots of black (and yellow) cabs
- contrast between rich and poor! saw pretty grim slums on drive to accom
- roads are much more developed and less manic
- less pestering people
- a LOT hotter/humid. was 33 degrees on landing at 5pm and stayed so hot all evening
- people actually have pet dogs as opposed to just strays everywhere

Watched some cricket at the uni field, went to Chowpatty beach for sunset, and saw a few fireworks for Divali celebrations. Then had to head to the impressive train station (Victoria Terminus).

Got to Goa by overnight train and headed straight to Palolem where the beach is absolutely stunning, lined by palm trees, and we're staying in a beech hut! The lower "sleeper class" train was lots cheaper than our last train and worked out just fine as were were in a carriage with other travellers (a really lovely chatty couple). Have been in the sea which is unbelievably warm and bought a frisbee for our time here =) Also, went to some bars last night for a few beers and had cocktails with Becks at Cafe del Mar (the main bar with all the travellers).

I know it's crazy i'm inside doing this blog when its such a beautiful place out there, but I'm feeling a little crappy with my Delhi belly and the Sun is rather strong for my dehyrated self (I threw up my malaria tablet this morning along with the orange/rehydraton sachet i'd had for breakfast). Getting hungry again now so best get off (hungry helen=grouchy helen).

Hope this ain't been too waffly. Till next time my friends x H x

permalink written by  H on November 11, 2007 from Mumbai, India
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