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To Noosa - Night 35

Noosa Heads, Australia

I awoke at 4 am and snuck out of my hostel without waking any of my roommates, all who had been on the Fraser trip. My bus to Noosa left at 6:50 and was a nice calm ride until Gympie when an old fat guy got on and sat next to me, which is bad enough, but then he proceeded to ask a never ending series of stupid and/or rhetorical questions. Such as every time we went through a roundabout – “Which direction are we going?” How the fuck should I know, he clearly lived here and I clearly did not. Then somehow he got it into his mind that I was going fishing in Noosa so he pestered me at no end about what sort of fishing I was going to do, often asking the same question three or four times. Let’s just say I was overjoyed to get off the bus at the Noosa Heads station.

Paolo and company where due in around 11. I waited at the bus stop until 12:30 and then gave up and headed to the apartment we had rented for the next five days. They showed up shortly thereafter. After checking out our digs, which are great, we marched down to the beach for a little bit of leisure. Daniel and Anna showed up around 4pm and we all went back to the apartment and began swilling wine. The last member of our group, Charlie, got in from the airport around 8pm.

Boxed wine was the drink of choice due

to economic concerns. Around 9 we grabbed a cab bound for Koala’s, a backpacker bar in Noosa Junction. A bit cheesy and dirty, the drinks were cheap and the clientele poor travelers like myself; a classy joint, no doubt. By the time the lights came on at midnight, not a soul in our group was threatened by sobriety.

Back at the apartment, Charlie, Daniel, Anna, Sheri, and I skirted the rules and pool wall and hopped in the hot tub for a midnight swim. By some miracle no one complained about the loud noise.

What I Learned Today – Whinge. v. A British term meaning to whine incessantly about nothing at all. Or what a woman does after she has run out of other things to say.

permalink written by  exumenius on November 14, 2007 from Noosa Heads, Australia
from the travel blog: Kiwis and Kangaroos
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