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Day 15 (Continued)

Lindos, Greece

Well, what can one say about Lindos except that what we had been told was dead-on accurate. Yes, Lindos is a picturesque little town above a crystal clear blue bay, white-washed buildings tumbling down a mountainside dominated by a huge fortress. And yes, more tourists squeezed into narrow cobblestone streets than are usually found at Disneyworld on a Sunday in June. And the shops (pretty much the only things in Lindos besides the restaurants) lacked any sense of "authenticity" -- tee shirt shops, souvenir shops with ashtrays emblazoned with the words "Lindos, Rhodos" on them, "handicrafts" made in Taiwan. Welcome to tourism run amok. As a result, Mark and I stayed just long enough to (1) run into our USC boys, seriously hung over from a night of raucous drinking; (2) climb to the fortress, and (3) spend exorbitant amounts of money on a late, mediocre lunch. But hey, the view from the restaurant was great, watching the sailboats from the city of Rhodes make their way in and out of the bay. Now, if we just could have gotten those obnoxious Texans at the next table to talk a little softer . . .

permalink written by  shoshtrvls on June 16, 1996 from Lindos, Greece
from the travel blog: Turkey and Greece (1996)
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