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Urine-Only Bathrooms, Part 2

Huacachina, Peru

So, I added more stops on my map of where I have been hanging out the last couple days. Check it out!

Also, on the bus ride from Arequipa to Paracas, I found out what exactly Cruz del Sur does when you are in need of something besides their "Urine Only" bathrooms. What happens is that they tell you you will need to wait for an hour and a half until they can pull over at a random Cruz del Sur terminal somewhere in the middle of the mountains. You sit in extreme discomfort watching the classic (or not) comedy The Hot Chick which has been dubbed over in Spanish so that you can kind of only understand its already IQ-lowering plot. Finally, after 90 minutes of clenching, the bus sputters to a stop and you are told that you can finally go meet your non-"Urine Only" needs. You Spring from the bus to the terminal, which a cleaning lady has to unlock for you because it is 10:30 PM. Finally, you duck into the not-so-clean-but-in-this-case-you-will-make-an-exception bathroom stalls, glad that you had enough foresight to put toilet paper into your pockets before Springing from the bus. And then you get to go...until you hear the bus roaring away two minutes in. But you cannot move from where you are. Upon finishing, you leave the bathroom to find the cleaning lady pointing down the street at your bus, which is parked much further away then it was when you left it. You sprint to the bus because the engine is on and you already heard it drive away once. Once back on the bus, your girlfriend informs you that the bus did indeed leave without you and it wasnt until the attendent came up to her and said "Wheres your friend?" that Amy realized I was not on the moving bus and told the attendent, who promptly and panickedly called the driver and told him to stop. The bus then backed up 500 feet and parked in the place where I found it five minutes later. Perhaps next time, until Cruz del Sur improves its non-"Urine Only" policies, I will continue clenching.

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permalink written by  kfox on July 11, 2010 from Huacachina, Peru
from the travel blog: Peru Adventure!
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You inspired me to catch a plane. This is absolutely ridiculous, but thanks for sharing anyway.

permalink written by  WBillSmith on September 3, 2012

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