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Kyoto - Cleanup

Kyoto, Japan

Well, as it is my last week in Kyoto for a while, I still had some things I wanted to do, some restaurants I wanted to try and some places I wanted to visit.
Especially the places the bus I take every day drives by and I had not seen were on my list.
Here a short description (and picture dump) of the things I did when I was not away from Kyoto.

Kitano-Tenmangu: A prominent shrine and on every 25th of the month venue for an enormous market held by the locals. You can buy all the typical flea-market things (Japanese style of course), lots of clothes and there are the food stalls I know from the matsuris as well. Good times.
Of course the shrine does not stop operating because of this.


Kamigamo shrine
Just one bus stop north of Yurakuso (meaning: walking distance from where I stay), is the Kamigamo shrine, one of the oldest shrines around. It's dedicated to Raijin, the god of thunder. The two cones represent mountains for the gods to decent upon.

Located in an open park with lots of space and open to the public as an relaxation area it is a really nice place. Some kind of event seemed to be about to begin that evening as there were decorations everywhere, no idea what it was about.

I visited here on the same day as I visited Inari, so the following sight kinda seemed familiar:

Kamigamo is on the foot of a forest on a mountain/hill and there are supposedly monkeys around.


Some other pictues I took while going around in Kyoto. Visited some temples/shrines and the park surrounding the Kyoto Imperial Palace:

That's it for Kyoto for now, tomorrow I move to Tokyo.
Moving and Kyoto-flashback posts tomorrow.

So long and stay tuned,

permalink written by  JuergenS on July 28, 2010 from Kyoto, Japan
from the travel blog: Two month of Japan
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