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Mother & Daughter-In-Law Adventures part 4

Mombasa, Kenya

The last few days have been great.
On wed morning I woke up early and gave Eric, grandmas brother, a hair cut. Then we packed up the land rover and headed out to Tsavo national park. It was a 3hour drive.

This park covers about 21.000 kilometers of land. We went to Tsavo East on wednesday. Drove around the first animal we saw was an elephant, actually a bunch of elephants.

The last time I went on safari the only animals I hadn't seen were elephants, Cheetah leopard and Hippo. This safari I saw all of them! But it was definitely an elephant safari. We even saw wild dogs. Apparently they are very rare and hardly ever seen.

The friends I was with were more excited to see the dogs than they were any other animal!

On our first day there we stayed in tent. I thought it was gonna be one of those small camping tents that you can buy at WAL- Mart. But it wasn't, these were huge tents that fit 3 beds in it. Had plenty of walking space and a shower and toilet. I must say I was very pleased and happy.

In front of our tent was a water hole so we could see when animals went for a drink. It was nice waking up early and lying in bed listening to the sounds of nature :)

The camp site served the 3main meals to us. It was all out doors of course and in the evening they had a camp fire. It was nice having dinner under the stars. So different than the city. This is real bush living.

The fallowing morning we woke up @6 to have an early morning game drive. We took lots of photos. It was a clear sunny morning and we got to see a lot of animals.

After that we went back for breakfast. They packed a lunch for us to take since we were not coming back to that place. I could have stayed another night in a tent. I really really enjoyed it. Except for the cold shower!

The rest of the day we spent driving around. We found a bunch of elephants playing around so we decided to stop there and have our lunch. We stayed in the car and watched them. In East Tsavo the land is flat with the mountains surrounding it.

After lunch we drove around more. Then we went to Tsavo West. Which they say is better but I preferred East because its green and lush where as west was a lot of bush and dried out land.

The brothers we were with were excellent tour guides. They knew all the back roads and even the names of all the birds. They took us through some really deserted paths right along the river. The car kept getting scratched by thorn bushes and we had lots of taxi flies fallowing us. That was because taxi flies are attracted to blue and the car was blue! Crazy huh, I kept wondering why we couldn't get rid of them.
That's the area where we saw a leopard and hippo.

Anyway we eventually got to our new lodge, Ngulia. It was one that a brother in our hall designed and built. It was very very nice. The dining area was outdoors also. But it was more like a covered patio deck. It over looked the vast valley that we drove in.

It also overlooked two water holes so as we ate we could watch the elephants and buffalo drinking. It was gorgeous!

Our rooms were big and all the floors were made of mazaris stone. It had three walls and the the 4th one was a huge tent net and so we could overlook the same view as the dining area. The breeze at night was great. And we had a patio that you could sit on and watch the sun come up!

Yes it was a paradise for sure. The next day we went for a mountain climb. I will write about it in the next blog :)

Till then Kwaheri!

Love drea!

permalink written by  africandre on August 6, 2010 from Mombasa, Kenya
from the travel blog: Mombasa Kenya
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africandre africandre
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Howdy yall!!

Although this is a travel blog this may be a permanent stay in Kenya!

I will update it when something exciting happens. Yes, i stole this idea from lil lisa's trip to Austrailia! Seems a lot easier to write it all down for you here than a million e mail's. :)


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