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Whale done, you can fly a plane!

Kaikoura, New Zealand

Still a bit hungover from the week(s) drinking in Queenstown (my liver may never recover), Martin and I head off to Kaikoura via a quick stop at Lake Tekapo & Christchurch.

Now, i am already ashamed to admit that i wasn't even that bothered on coming to Kaikoura... But this has turned out the be one of the nicest places i have visited in New Zealand. For starters, we arrived early afternoon from Chirstchurch in an attempt to go Sperm Whale watching off the coast of Kaikoura - the Pacific Ocean. Unfortuantly luck was not in our favour and our trip was cancelled. Thus resulting in a blessing in disguise, when i have a bright idea... 'I want to pilot a plane'. To Martin's dispair (he knows about my driving skills, or lack there of) he reluctantly drove me to the nearby flight centre we drove past on the way in. In true Top Gun style, fully equipt with earphones and aviators, before i know it i am piloting a light aircraft over Kaikoura. I luckily managed to see some whales in the bay below, fly across to the mountains in the distance and pilot down into a valley over a very enjoyable half an hour. Tom, the 'co- pilot' decided to scare me by doing three almost full loops down into the valley - new underwear for Laura... Before i knew it, the experience was over and i am now one lesson closer to being able to pilot a plane of my own!

Note to self, possible job route once back from travels, see i am thinking about the future mum!

As if that wasn't enough fun for one day, we took a trip to the local winery where we sample some of the best Sauvignion Blanc in New Zealand in an underground cellar. Being a learner driver sometimes pays off, i got to sample all 12 of the wines on offer. An hour later and we are back at our new hostel, the Dusky Lodge for a sauna, Jakuzzi and a much needed Thai meal before bedtime and the following days adventures.

The next day we were successful enough to get onto the Whale watching cruise that was booked for the previous day. The 2 and a half hour cruise resulted in us seeing 5 Sperm Whales, a pod of Dusky dolphins, Albatros and seals which were breathtaking. Not content with just a morning on the sea, the afternoon was spent deep sea fishing. The local fisherman & pal took 4 of us out to fish for Blue cod, Sea Perch and Sharks. All were caught ( i do apologise for the fishing attire, but is it a crime to look good while fishing?), a star fish was plonked on my head followed by shrieks of utter amazement, and crayfish were collected to be taken home to cook. All in all a very good sea faring day.

To top off the day, i got to drive our small boat back to shore, mostly. These silly friendly people are putting their lives in my hands not knowing i have the co-ordination of a blind goldfish! Tsk!

So again, the health spa...Thai food and the days catch were eaten beside the pool in the very lovely town of Kaikoura. And i wasnt even going there!

permalink written by  Vegtibbles on September 20, 2006 from Kaikoura, New Zealand
from the travel blog: The Crazy Adventures of the Tibbler
tagged WhaleWatching

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