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Phoenix Airport

Phoenix, United States

Here I am in Phoenix, Arizona! Well, really just the airport. The flight I am on to DC has a stop-over here of about an hour and so I am quickly typing to update on the plan of attack that I (briefly) outlined yesterday. I am sorry for the curtness of the post – I was in a hurry to get it out of the way so I could spend time with my friend before I left.
Again, I got up very early (after talking all night) and hung around waiting for the flight that morning. My friend was a little dopey, but wished me luck before falling (exhausted) back to sleep. I was thrilled she woke up! After being dropped off at the airport, the security men threw away every bottle I owned (despite them being clear and almost completely empty) which was a hassle, but there we go. The flight on US airways to Phoenix was very nice – not as nice as a big new Airbus like Air New Zealand has going to San Francisco, but almost empty and therefore we got good service. The captain was making jokes over the intercom as well, so it was kinda cool. Right now I am sitting looking out the airport window at the flat desert, and the huge town. They had plenty of space, so everyone has an acre it feels like. The roads a big, straight and stretch on to the horizon.
The plan is that I will get to DC and go by train to the hostel. I have directions! Hopefully it will work out OK. The time zones are different there, but I am worried about my phone. I destroyed it by dipping it in water, and it only turns on if I leave it on. But I had to turn it off for the flight! So we will see. I will write when I reach DC!

permalink written by  Crosswood on January 4, 2008 from Phoenix, United States
from the travel blog: New Zealand Student, American University.
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Darn you water, its always destroying my stuff. No i lie, waters great. Most especially in a desert

permalink written by  Rebecca Harris on January 5, 2008

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