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Wadudu Wadogo

Nairobi, Kenya

So I just got a new hand bag for service and then I guess I put too many books in it so now the strap broke :(
Anyway I came to get it sewn together at this fundi on the side of the road. He also fixes shoes.

The reson why I'm writing this is because you will never believe what he uses to shine shoes with! Its a broken end of a paint brush! Haha! As in he just broke the handles off and cut the bristles short so that its tighter, and he has a bunch of them to shine shoes!

So african>>

So whats new?? Oh, well I went back to Lukenya for Seldom Worked. I got in touch with one of my return visits and made new ones!!

I will send yal pix very soon. It was a bit larger group than last time. The weather was amazing!

As we were walking and talking, i was telling one of the sisters that "This" is what i have only ever imagined i would be doing! I wanted to serve in a country with a great need, and what better place than AFRICA!! I need new Goals!!!

There i was, walikng in the open middle of No-where, preaching to the people in there Shambas & shaggs, or farms and country homes. There is literally nothing to do in a place like that other than the regular household duties.

You often see locals sitting in small groups juat relaxing and talking. When you come up to them they will listen with no problem.

When someone like me a Mzungu (a white person) passes by you will no doubt here the little kids calling out ' How Arrre You? How Arrre You?" over and over :)

After we finished the morning we had a nice lunch. Everyone brought their own food. And we found a huge flat rock and thankfully it was cloudy just in time for us not to roast on that rock!

We saw a bit of willife, like Giraffe and Zebra. I still cant belive im in Africa sometimes.

That was our day, we continued in service for a few more hours after that and then headed home..

So honestly not much new has happened. Kyran is Aux pionnering So we have just been helping eachother alot in service. WE LOVE the ministry here!

The business territory is just BOOMING here!

Kenyans are such hard workers, many work 10 to 12 hours a day 6 days a week!! Not even joking! So its very hard to find them at home. There are a few places that up to 5 people are studying the bible in just one shop! Its wonderful.

Im just so happy that one of Jah's Students who im helping, went to the meeting this Sunday and took her whole family! She loved it and plans to go this weekend too.

Well this past week Nairobi Had a Agriculture Trade Show. Its a big deal here, kinda like the State Fair in Tx. All the schools get free tickets. Anyways, a few of the friends when i asked if they wanted to go hesitated a bit but didnt tell me why they didnt want to...

On Saturday one sister said she would like to go and of course i wanted to also, just to say i did, also, i heard it was nice and plus it was something different to do.

Well we tried to catch a matatu or a bus but they were all full!! Finally after waiting for 10 min we said we would just ask one of the drivers to takes us and we just tip him extra, Which worked :)

He took us through the backway. ( the slums of kibera) It was so dusty. We had asked another sister to join us, she really didnt want to go but was a good sport an went with us!

The show wasnt that great. It was nice to see the veggies, coffe, bean stocks and live stock in its natural habitat but overall it wasnt much to see. The place was really dirty with trash, so sad.

There were a group of African dancers, all older women or Mama's like they say. It was neat to watch them. They move there hips and back side like nothing i have seen!!

I was craving a Flechers Corny Dog and a Funnel Cake but they dont exsist in Kenya!!

Anyway it was getting late so we decided to catch a bus from the front entrance. The lines were so long so we decided to take a Boda Boda, Motor bike, to the main Rd. I actually saw the guy who use to take me to and from the main road and work.

As i was asking him how much he would charge us, all of a sudden the 50plus other motor bikes that were there started scrambling all over the place. Thank goodness i was in front of a car so if i needed to i would have jumped on top of the hood.!!

The reason for all the confusion and panic was that there was policemen on top of horse trying to skat them away!! They police were literaly whipping and chasing them without control! It was really scary!

So me and my friend were ok, she got the back of her sandal, not foot, ran over. And the poor sister who didnt even want to go in the first place actually got her foot ran over by one of the wheels :(but she is ok, nothing broken.

We were like soooo shocked! we just decided to walk the rest of the way. That was worth our 5$ to enter!!

As we were walking we heard a roar of bikes again!!! Like idiots sometimes do, the Motor Bike guys who had went back after being chased away, were being chased and whipped by these cops on horses again!!! So we ran off the raod, and just took the long way around.

That was an eventfull day!!!!!! Now i know why no one wanted to go. Even Kyran had said he wouldnt be found in a public festival with a huge crowd. Its not uncommon for a panic, Here in kenya that is, to break out. You would think the police are the ones incharge of keeping the peace, but here, they are usually the cause of it. Very sad

Okey yal thats all the stories i got for now.

Oh one more,

Never in my life did i think i would be able to read and understand this:

Wale wadudu wadogo wengi waliengia chumbani, kwasababu haku funga milango!!!

That means; Those small bugs came into the room because you didnt close the door!!!!

Like most languages it sounds funny when translated word for word, for example:

Over there bugs many small they went in room because you didnt close door!! haha, Swahilli is fun!!

Dudu is a Bug :)

Take care! love yal!


permalink written by  africandre on October 6, 2010 from Nairobi, Kenya
from the travel blog: Nairobi
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Howdy yall!!

Although this is a travel blog this may be a permanent stay in Kenya!

I will update it when something exciting happens. Yes, i stole this idea from lil lisa's trip to Austrailia! Seems a lot easier to write it all down for you here than a million e mail's. :)


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