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October 12th

El Porvenir, Honduras

Looking back at these entries I’ve realized that I haven’t told you much about my day to day life and what’s going on at the school.

Last weekend we got to attend a fundraiser for a charity called Creila which works with disabled children. It was pretty sweet, there were presentations from local bands and members of the international community also donated their time and culinary skills to prepare food from their homes to sell to raise money (I donated my time, money and eating skills :P). Some of our students did a traditional dance and Rikke was interviewed on TV. All in all it was pretty sweet! :D

We’ve also just started 2 extra classes every day- we’re now doing Zumba with the kids, which is a dance/ fitness exercise and the kids absolutely love it so I get to play with the kids and work on my abs at the same time, sounds good to me! Then @ 1pm we’ve started a reading room with children from 4- 6. The thing is that they can’t actually read yet so we read aloud to them—have I mentioned that I don’t speak Spanish? Cosssss I don’t. Some days I’m not sure who would do a better job of it, me or the 4 year olds... I often have to ask them if I’m saying a word correctly. From 1-145 when the little ones are in class it’s complete chaos and I love love love it!

The best part of my day today was when one was being a crazy little monkey and I took him aside and asked him (in Spanish) “Don’t you want to read?” to which he replied by screeching ‘NO!!’ Into my ear, then I asked him again “Please, I need a friend to read with” then he grabbed some books, came to sit with me and shut his adorable little mouth! My Spanish is still pretty much rubbish, but it’s pretty rewarding when I manage to get even a tiny message like that across to the kids.

Tomorrow we’re going to be heading to some local highschools doing some fundraising for SOS. Not sure how that’s going to work since we’re going to have a difficult time communicating with anyone, buttttt we’ll figure it out.

permalink written by  Jennifer-Campbell on October 12, 2010 from El Porvenir, Honduras
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