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Koalas and Togas!

Brisbane, Australia

Once we'd finished hiking around Steve Irwin's zoo (cuddling stupid grey spotty bears, watching crocodile feeding and Dan throwing berries in crocs mouths while they were trying to sleep), after another early hungover start and long bus journey we made it to Brisbane!

Away from the beaches there was really only one thing to do, so we went out on a mad sesh for a change... We got a taxi to the first bar only to be told we needed ID. Dan and Sean got theirs out. Then it was the turn of the man who once said 'Come on lads, I used to get served at the local off-licence when I was 14 - why would I carry ID!', but oh dear, he didn't have any on him. So back to the hostel in a taxi and then back again ensured that it was an expensive first round for Mr 'I don't need any ID'! A few hours (and drinks) later, after Dan had been refused entry to a bar for being too drunk, with Sean and Dan only slightly more drunk than Karl (for a change), we decided to have a bit of a sing along down the street, arms round each other in full vocal harmony. Karl, not too pleased with this said 'Lads, if you don't stop acting drunk we're not getting in anywhere. Stop singing and hugging. If we don't decide where were are going then I'm going home'. So, the teacher had told us off and it was time for Sean and Dan to act sober (pot, kettle, black are three words that Spring to mind) ...Thanks to Karl's advice we did manage to get into a club that night and returned home around 5am.

The next day Karl left us to meet up with Pam in Sydney. Dan and Sean went to a toga party that night at the hostel. Totally destroying the bed sheets and drinking free cocktails all night, we managed to get our photos on the pub TV before moving on to Surfers Paradise for Christmas. (DD)

permalink written by  Sean, Karl & Dan on December 23, 2007 from Brisbane, Australia
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