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Friends Engagement

Nairobi, Kenya

Hola! Geeze long time since my last entry!

Let me just give you the highlights.

I don't know if I mentioned IN one of the blogs about a Bro from Kenya who lives n the USA who is dating a Sis from my hall? Well he came to visit her for a month.
I had spoken to him over the phone before he came, he mentioned that he wanted to do a surprise engagement party for her. So the plan was the 4 of us were gonna go to the coast in Mombasa, and he would pop the question there on the beach and then have a party at home to celebrate.

Well, that was going to be toward the end of his stay, and course, he wanted to do this early in his visit so that they could be engaged for the majority of time.

So on Wednesday, we were all hanging out and I asked him how soon does he want this party to be? He says "How about on sunday?"
I was like what!!!! So I called a Sis right away and asked if we could do it at her house. We managed to make Evites and organized everyone to bring something.

The friends on the guest list already knew that we were planning it but we just didn't know the date.

All of her friends contributed to making it a surprise! We even had lunch plans right after the meeting since they wouldn't be able to meet us later that night because they had "been invited for dinner already" ;D

So we all arrived at the house. Was small and intimate with a few friends.

When they arrived, we all stood by a corner and heard them come in. They actually lingered for a bit by the door, and as soon as she turned around we yelled "Surprise"

She was absolutely caught off guard! Really, only the photos of her reaction could explain how she felt.

As she was saying hi to everyone, we kept saying that this party was to welcome him home and celebrate him being there with her. Kinda like the picnic I threw for kyran when he visited me in TX ;D

So it happened as she was in the middle of it all he started saying a few words and then said that he brought a gift with him. And he opened the box and showed the ring! Again! You should have seen her reaction!!!! She became weak in her knees!

Out came the yummy black forest cake! And then the party started.

It was such a nice evening. We teased them that this was a practice of cutting of the cake. U noticed that as they cut the cake, they started slicing a bunch of pieces on one plate!

It was funny actually, I don't know if you remember I once wrote about a wedding that I attended in April?

Well I learned then that the custom here when serving the cake at a wedding is that they have one huge cake, and the Bride and Groom cut and pile a bunch of tiny slices on one plate and go around serving ONE BITE per person!

So as these two cut the cake, I remembered about that. So we told them that there was enough cake and plates for each to have his and her own big slice! Everyone loved it!

As the night went on, we played a game, it was one where the men are blind folded, and the sisters are lined up with the palm of their hand out flat.
The husband has to figure out which hand is his wife! It was so funny to watch!

There was only 3 there who were single so they had fun with it too, even the brothers put there hand out too!!

I was proud of KY, as soon as he felt my hand he said "yes definitely her!" aww

The funniest part was that when it was time for the engaged Bro to find his Fiances hand. Not only did he struggle to figure out which one it was, but when he got to her, he said "no for sure not her!" haha, he kept trying and trying and every time he got to her said the same!

So the moral of the story was, Hold your wife's hand more often! :)

After a while we ended up telling stories about how we all met and started dating our mates. It just hapend that all of the couples there had been married no longer that 2 years.

Speaking of being married, that was just a week before me and Kyran celebrated our 1st year anniversary!

I'll write about that in the next blog!

Take care all!

Love Drea and KY KY!

permalink written by  africandre on December 13, 2010 from Nairobi, Kenya
from the travel blog: Nairobi
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Howdy yall!!

Although this is a travel blog this may be a permanent stay in Kenya!

I will update it when something exciting happens. Yes, i stole this idea from lil lisa's trip to Austrailia! Seems a lot easier to write it all down for you here than a million e mail's. :)


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