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Koalas, the getaway plan & a new start...

Brisbane, Australia


permalink written by  Vegtibbles on October 30, 2006 from Brisbane, Australia
from the travel blog: Return of the Tibbler - Down Under
tagged Koalas

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A bit of a half-arse entry there!! Hope you fill Brisbane entry with all the gory details of our drunken antics in the valley when you get round to it. Was lovely to meet another Blogabond 'featured traveller' and we thoroughly enjoyed your company! By the way I was wondering if you had Jebediah Springfield's phone number?! I mean, what a catch! Full of wit and charisma that guy, and with so much time on his hands obviously! Hope to see in Sydney soon lady.......

lots of love, Tay of the 'smug adventures' x x x

permalink written by  Tay on November 7, 2006

I Think maybe the Tibbler should indeed divulge the phone number of the young lady who is requesting it. It sounds like Jeb is a true traveller and maybe too busy seeing things to get laid. This is unlike the east coast of Australia where i hear all the girls are easy......ly pleased.

permalink written by  Ned Flanders on November 17, 2006

Oh Flanders you old dog. I have been in far away lands where the internet is sadly censored and so blog websites cannot be accessed, much to my disgust of course ;) Anyway I am very excited that my comments have provoked a united blog front, you 'featured bloggers' stick together and continue to promote your exciting (rather british) lifestyles abroad. I can't help but read 'THE FEATURED BLOG' (the one that hits you first on the homepage), written by The Man from Cockshutt, and feel that maybe you girls have missed something here? His blog is not only funny but also informative and genuinly interesting- giving a basic insight into the nations and cultures he has visited and the experiences he has encountered along the way as a result. I also notice that he hasn't felt the urgency to update since he reached the great land that is of course Australia, hmmm....

permalink written by  Jebadiah Springfield on November 17, 2006

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