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Lake Wanaka and the Acid man rave

Wanaka, New Zealand, New Zealand

Our next stop on the west coast was the gorgeous Lake Wanaka where we went paintballing. This was quality, despite Karl being on the winning team...

After leaving Wanaka we headed to Queenstown for a few days. The days were spent taking part in various adventure activities and the nights drinking in the numreous bars around the town.

Some highlights:

All three of us went white-water rafting. The rafting was ok but by far the scariest part was the minibus journey along narrow winding mountain roads (featured in Lord of the Rings) with no crash barrier between the bus and the valley 300 feet below! Sean did a bungy canyon swing which involved jumping backwards off a cliff, freefalling 60 metres before swinging in a 200m arc over the river below - he survived.

Karl spent half a day riding a motor bike on the mountains, and yes, he did injure himself. Luckily it wasn't too bad - he hit a bend a bit too quickly and shot off the road and into a tree, with only a few minor cuts and bruises to show for it...

The best night out was the 'Acid Dan' night in celebration of Big Jen's (one of our friends from the Kiwi bus) birthday. We all got dressed up as early 90's ravers and went to the hostel bar. In the spirit of the theme we decided to go dressed as drugs: 'Acid' Dan, 'Bishi' Karl and 'Special K' Sean and it took us a good hour to create our costumes. The night was awesome - Jen (who's less than 5 feet tall and isn`t exactly the trouble-causing type) was thrown out of the bar and we all ended up in World bar where they serve cocktails in teapots!

Two days later Dan and Karl left on the Kiwi bus to head to the next destination, while Sean stayed in Queenstown for an extra day to do the canyon swing... (SM)

permalink written by  Sean, Karl & Dan on January 18, 2008 from Wanaka, New Zealand, New Zealand
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How come Sean freefalls 6o metres in an arc from a platform and suffer no injuries and yet Karl rides a motor bike like any normal person and ends up wrapped around atree !

Jeannine & Sean's Mum

permalink written by  Jeannine Collins on March 18, 2008

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