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Carnival Hangover

Salvador, Brazil

After the madness of the carnival in Rio we headed to Salvador, hoping for a quiet night before catching the boat to Morro de Sao Paulo for the aptly named 'Carnival Hangover' weekend. However, upon arriving at our Salvador hostel we realised that there was a big street party right outside! This reminded Sean of being at our flat in London when Karl and Kit had regular 'after parties', blasting out music as loud as possible...

Anyway, the next day we just managed to catch our boat to Morro, an idyllic island with gorgeous beaches (and ladies) and parties every night. The next few days generally involved sunning ourselves on the beach by day and drinking far too many Caipirinhas by night. As far as we can remember we never made it to bed before 7am (or out of bed before 12pm). On one of the nights we all managed to sneak into a club without paying - after Karl and Dan contemplated 'borrowing' a workman's ladder to scale the fence we opted for the old trick of 'get a stamp on your wrist and then smudge it onto your mates wrist'. After repeating this 5 times we managed to get the whole crew in (us three, Anil, Tim, and Alex).

One thing worth mentioning is that since cars are banned the only forms of transport are donkeys and wheelbarrows, with the latter being the local version of a taxi. At about 8am one morning Dan borrowed a taxi and had a race with Clairprinha (one of Pam's mates) inside, but unfortunately he misjudged the finishing line and accidentally tipped her into a pile of rubbish...

Since Morro was so good, we all decided to stay an extra day vowing that we'd definitely leave the next day at 1pm. By 2pm the next day Dan, Sean and Alex all awoke to realise they'd missed the boat back to Salvador so unfortunately we had to stay for another extra night.

On the boat back everyone was sick... (SM)

permalink written by  Sean, Karl & Dan on February 8, 2008 from Salvador, Brazil
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