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Always look on the bright side of life (or is that too lame?)

Hertford, United Kingdom

After the slightly miserable end to my last post, things have gotten much, much better. To quote Eric Idle, "When life seems jolly rotten, there's something you've forgotten, and that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing."

Now minus the dancing and singing bit, I haven't had enough drinks for that.

But, yes, after that ridiculous start to this post, I will proceed to tell you just why things are looking up. (Don't you hate inane statements like that one?)

Firstly, the sun has been shining! For me this has never been a thing to gape in awe at, but the UK has stripped me of the ability to be nonchalant about such wonders. Secondly, I have a job. An actual, paying, slaving away for scraps and having to smile sweetly at annoying customers when really all you want to do is throw soup in their face and start a food fight, job.

Yeah... so maybe waitressing isn't really the best job for me... but anyway, I'll see how it goes. Tomorrow is my first day - a bit of a trial run to see how I work - so I will be on my best behaviour and I will refrain from throwing food around.

It'll be tough....

Oooh, and another awesome thing that's happened in my awesome life: I've actually met some people. Amazing, huh? Real people.

Two handsome young guys... Paul and Neil were their names. Too bad they turned out to be complete psychos.

They were terrible! I hated every second of it. I just laughed to pretend I was having a good time while actually I was trying to think up excuses to escape. :D

Honestly though, it was really cool. We met up at the Old Barge, a local pub just around the corner from where I'm staying, and we had a few drinks. Paul is an experienced CouchSurfer, so he gave me some tips and, in exchange, I made him envious of my planned travels. It was quite a fair trade, in my opinion. And, seriously, those two guys better meet up with me again, if only to mock me about my hat.

So, a very successful day indeed. I just hope this 'bright side of life' will linger on at least until the end of my shift tomorrow night. As a newbie waitress I need all the luck I can get!

permalink written by  Brigid Jelsma on January 19, 2011 from Hertford, United Kingdom
from the travel blog: Walk a little further to another plan
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