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Bergamo, Italy

Sleep is good...

But before I bought my ticket to Slumberville, I thought I'd stay up and torture my body some more. Since there isn't wifi at my  accommodation, I made my way down the street to a small cafe bar with free Internet so I could check in back home.

It started with a small coffee .....5 glasses of prosecco later... And some lovely local company. I had officially earned a good nights sleep. But it was totally worth it. 

The next morning I woke up a little dehydrated, but rested. My plan was to wander around the citta alta. My plan wasn't much of a plan I suppose but hey, I didn't really know I was coming to Italy, much less Bergamo, until about 48hrs ago! So...

Furthermore, I may have underestimated how UPHILL the TREK was going to be. When I packed (lightly) my bag for this adventure I did pack winter clothing ... That's as far as my mind ventured. I never thought uphill cobblestone would be a factor! Let me further emphasize this by saying that when I made plans of my next northern Italian destination I actually looked for 'flat' cities and towns ...ha! 

The citta alta is gorgeous - the sunlit views of the citta bassa and surrounding area are stunning. On one side you can see      
green hills and the beginning of a mountain range. The hills are dotted with clusters of houses. On the other side you can see on to the busy lower town and to the outskirts of the Bergamo area of motorways and industrial lots. For a beyond amazing view go up even further to San Vigillio - there is a funicular - however, at the moment the station is under renovations so it is not operating until April.... My poor legs.

Inside the citta alta is a maze of narrow, single lane cobbled roads. There are many churches ... A monastery ..and shops. It wasn't very busy but it's low season, I suppose. I don't mind that aspect at all, but it does mean many of the museums, tourist destinations, galleries etc have reduced hours of operation.

It must be very nice to stay up there especially at night when it's lit up. The downside of traveling alone sometimes is not feeling as adventurous after-dark. And, furthermore, another downside to winter travel in these parts is it gets dark very early! 

I am okay though - needing a bit  of R&R as well. And let's be realistic- not sure whether my legs could take me any further today. Definitely not uphill...!!

One thing to indulge yourself in Bergamo is POLENTA E OSEI Yum! It's a pretty dome shaped cake covered in icing, sugar and chocolate shaped birds. 

When in Rome ...err, Bergamo, you must eat fresh pasta at some point. It's inevitable, really.  It isn't really low carb friendly here, but that is why I travel a lot .. It's a very good excuse to indulge ;-) I enjoyed a Bergamo invented pasta - casoncelli - like a ravioli stuffed with meat. 

One should also indulge in prosecco .... A dry, sparkling wine made in the Veneto area, but just as popular in these parts as I found out last night...

Anyways, I believe we are caught up now :)


permalink written by  Sarah Andrea on January 22, 2011 from Bergamo, Italy
from the travel blog: German Wings
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Hey Sarah! Lovin' the blog...I can picyure things in my mind as I read it. Sore feet, tired legs much, haha!? Sounds like you're really enjoying it though and I look forward to reading the next blog. All's well at home.....just a lazy Sunday around here.

Love Mommsie

permalink written by  Mommsie on January 23, 2011

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