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Kisumu, Kenya

have finally tried to add some photos. its taken 45 mins so far so hopefully they'll be done before my time runs out. havent got much to report but am heading to katolo a small village about 1/hr from town tomorrow. theres so no running water or electricity so this is it for 2 weeks and hopefully i'll have a few more stories then. today we went to temak which works with young mothers and prostitutes and girls with aids and stuff and gives them vocational training to get them off the streets and generate an income. the girls were all so beautiful and welcoming so i think i'll be going back there when i can. this afternoon we're playing soccer with the street kids from hovic which is another organisation which feeds them and provides skills training and stuff so that should be awesome. yesterday we went to some markets and last night i got a taste of the Kisumu night life. ashur (the manager of our hotel) and a few other locals took us to the pub style place with live music and traditional Luo dancing. it was great! we were getting right into it and the locals loved it. they're all so into dancing here aswell and theres music playing in the streets all day.

the photos arent all Kisumu but dont have time to fix it, have put them on my photo page aswell so hopefully that helps.
alirght better go, thanks for the comments!!! keep them coming! and will be back in 2 weeks xxx

permalink written by  aburns on December 4, 2006 from Kisumu, Kenya
from the travel blog: Kenya 2006-07
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glad all is going well and your staying safe.
Love your new found friends and they are very cute.
Hve a great time at Katolo im sure you will with no water and power.
love you and miss you heaps joanhead

permalink written by  joan burns on December 4, 2006

keep up the good work burns.
would love to have seen u play football!
good luck with the no power.
keep safe.xxx

ps looks like the 2nd test is going to be draw. due to the fact that you guys cant produce a decent cricket pitch....shocking. what are u guys scared of? boo.

permalink written by  Chris Hedley on December 4, 2006

wow sounds good liss!! yeah thats bout all i just wanted to write a comment i wish i had something funny to say! Be safe im looking forward to our crazy portland nights in three months time!
Love you xoxoxo

permalink written by  Juliette Ramsay on December 4, 2006

i only have myself to blame!
i cursed us!
as i listened through the night as our batsmen played like idiots, all i could think about is how i asked for this by saying it would be a draw!
maybe its your fault for having this blog site!!

all i can say is that us english believe that sport is for entertainment so we did our best to get a result out of the game, as the dull wicket produced by you guys was not helping the entertainment.

much love.

permalink written by  Chris Hedley on December 5, 2006

Dads army rules great pitch for batting if you know how. Your right chris you put the curse on them.

Hi Loppy love you dads army strikes again. Go you good things.

permalink written by  joan burns on December 5, 2006

We didn't have power for 2 days cuz of snow, so I know where you are coming from. Mind you that is in Canada and you are in Africa. Damn you beat me again!

permalink written by  Kelli McLeod on December 6, 2006

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