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Just keep driving, Just keep driving

Slunj, Croatia

We had originally thought that we were going to spend the night in an area that our waiter, Toni had recommended, because it was supposedly beautiful but, as the day drew on we realized that that spot was too far away. So we settled on something closer. A National Park named Plitvička Jezera. We knew the park had hotels nearby but, we were not sure if they would have any vacant rooms. While we were driving towards the park we spotted a large waterfall and a river where kids were swimming. We decided to get off of the highway and drive around this pretty spot a little. As we were driving we came across a women named Andrea who had rooms that we could stay in, so, we decided that instead of risking not having a room to stay in at the park we could stay there, near the river and waterfall, only a half of an hour away from the park. it was called Slunj and It had a beautiful river, small waterfalls, a big waterfall and lush vegetation.It looked like it was right out of a fairy tale.

We swam in the river for a while until we were cold then, walked back to the apartment to clean ourselves up a little After having dinner and catching lightning bugs it was time for bed.

In the morning we drove to the park ready to explore. We had heard that the park was pretty but, we never imagined anything like what we saw today. Huge waterfalls, crystal clear water, fish feeding in the lakes, people speaking English! It was all so beautiful! We all have so many great photos from the park but, none of them can sow the true beauty of the park.

After spending part of the morning and afternoon at Plitvička Jezera we started to drive to Dubrovnik. The first part of the six hour drive was great. We all slept a little and kept ourselves occupied. We stopped at a restaurant on the side of the road that I did not think was going to be very good but to my surprise this chain of healthy homemade food was delicious. I wish that the states had restaurants like that! Healthy, cheep and fast.
After lunch/dinner we continued our drive towards Dubrovnik.

permalink written by  RHarrison6 on June 29, 2011 from Slunj, Croatia
from the travel blog: Serbian Croatian Roman Vacation
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Your stay in Slunj was amazing. You just happened to meet this woman named Andrea and she had rooms where you could stay????? What an awesome trip! Scenery is unbelievably beautiful.

permalink written by  TamaraB on July 12, 2011

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