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Urubamba Update

Urubamba, Peru

Hola !! I am in Urubamba at a internet place. I found out that there is mail service once a week. A little update from the last few days, I feel like a have been here more than a week even though it has only been four or five days. I almost missed my flight to Cuzco; haha, a little mixup with the ticket ( no one gave me one), I am so lucky, the cab driver and his wife totally saved me. My flight was at 9:25 and we got to the airport at like 8:30; he grabbed my bag and cut in fount of everyone in line. The first airport worker we talked to was not cool to us and from what I could understand she said the flight I was on did not exist and I should go to the end of the line. So he talked to another woman who let me go ahead:) That is something I am learning very quickly here; if you don't like the first answer to your question, just ask someone else and you will get a totally different response that you might like more. I have another example, but first the end to the airport story: So I get my ticket from the check in and the three of us are RUNNING through the Lima airport- he had my big backpack. It is funny to look back on it. At that point I felt like I needed a picture of these people, so when we got to the security point that they could not go any farther I grabbed my camera and took a quick pic (So you can see them). I am sure they thought I was crazy: about to miss my flight thinking the most important thing to do was to take a picture! I am my mother’s child:) I was so happy to sit at the gate and the flight was about 30 minutess late so I was fine. But I wasn’t sure I would make it for a while. A woman named Conny picked me up from the airport. We drove to the Peru Verde office in Cuzco.
Here is what I gathered from our conversation in Spanish. I am leaving for the jungle Wednesday morning with a group of tourists and it will take two days to get to where we are going. From there I am really not sure what I am doing but I know I am working with Macaws.

For the last two days, I have been traveling and going to ruins. Good times. On Saturday I went to Ollantaytambo with another girl working with Nexos and her sister who is traveling in South America. The girl who is working with Nexos is only 15 years old! We had a good time, both were really cool people.

Yesterday I went to Pisac in the morning (solo), it took about an hour on the bus, and spent the whole day there. On Sunday there is a big market.

I walked around the market and then some guys asked my if I wanted to check out a new bar with them, I did, so we hung out for a little bit then I left to go to the ruins. I drove up the hill, for five soles which is like $1.75, with a mom and her adult son from Italy. He had been living in South America for three months making circuses for children in small villages in the jungle for free and playing electronic music, or at least that is what I understood from our conversation in Spanish, English and Italian. His mom only spoke Italian. I was with them most of the time on the ruins. He had been there before and knew how to walk down, so we did. I caught a bus back to Urubamba and slept soundly. I had a Spanish lesson and lunch today.

Everything is going great. I am in good hands with Nexos and Peru Verde and I am over the initial shock of being here. My Spanish is getting better. Send my love to everyone. Christy:)

PS: ZOO ( that is what I am calling the monkey) went to Pisac with my yesterday. She had a great time so I guess I was not really alone:)

The people are so resourceful. Yesterday I saw a man and his son on a bike and the man was on a regular bike seat and there was another one attacked in-between him and the handle bars for the son. What I great idea, no need for a whole child's seat!

permalink written by  christyle612 on June 16, 2008 from Urubamba, Peru
from the travel blog: Viva los Peruvanos
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