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My Days

Manu, Peru

My days are really simple: I get up at 7 for breakfast, then go for a walk, read, hangout, work on the plants, have lunch at 1, then maybe go for another walk, work on Spanish, read, hang out, play cards, have dinner at 7, talk to the tourists and read then go to bed. There are hummingbirds like crazy around here.

Yesterday was a fun day here because there were no tourists. Four of the staff members for this lodge and a few other guys around at other lodges and Angie and I got together and played fotbol (soccer). we had a good time. I found out I am not in very good share to run for a hour . Then we played cards together after dinner. We had a good night. It was the first chance I have had to hang out with them. They don't speak English so it was interesting having conversation. There will be tourists tonight. I am getting fed very well. We did not have our usual three course meal last night and I am excited for soup tonight. The stars were out last night for the first time since I have been here. Usually it is so cloudy that you can not see anything. I feel like I have had a nice slow transition from Lima which is crazy then to Urubamba (less crazy) and then the forest with one friend and the next stop is the jungle solo. I am getting mentally prepared for solitude: I know there will be people that I can make friends with but I am just trying to prepare for the worst. Then what ever kind of connection I can make will seem like a lot. I hope that the work I do feels meaningful to me; that will help. That is about all I know today. Things are about the same as they have been every other day. Yesterday I spent some time laying on a rock in the river trying to get the little bit of sun there was to get. I am feeling good and an ready to get to where I will be spending most of my time

I am leaving on the 28th to go to Manu, that is all the plans I know and I will know the name of the person who is taking me on Friday. I think I am going with a group of tourists but I am not sure. I don't feel like Peruvians care about being informed on the same level I am use to. So I am just kind of going with it. I thought I was laid back about making plans but they are even more so.

permalink written by  christyle612 on June 25, 2008 from Manu, Peru
from the travel blog: Viva los Peruvanos
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