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And Spain...

Barcelona, Spain

James = Meh what a day yesterday was. It has been the most trying day so far. Things did not go very well at all. It was pretty much issue after issue and each time you make a mistake it costs you. And was it expensive... Essentially getting confused with the transportation system from the hotel to the bus terminal cost us 2 tickets since we went out an exit trying to get to our next train. So had to buy tickets again for the 2nd part of the journey. The people working there did not really want to help us since we didn´t speak spanish. No problem, new tickets and on the right train. Get to the bus station and buy our tickets there... a little more expensive than I thought they should be but no matter. $115 euro and we have 7 hours to kill. So we went off to the beach. yup got to hang out on the wonderful exoctic beaches of Barcelona and dip into the water a bit. Was awesome. A much needed reprive from the previous stressful events. We found a nice cafe on the way back to the station and had the best Lime Sherbet gelato ever! So reading our bus ticket it says bus 21 and so we grab our gear and go sit at #21 with an hour to spare... hmm 30 minutes til the bus is supposed to leave an no bus. No biggie I had read it have previous stops til it gets to us. Ok it was suppose to be leaving at 9 PM and it´s now 9:05 and no bus. 9:15.... Ok time to find out WTF. So after a bit of time I receive an upset Amanda telling me we have missed our bus and we will not get a refund and there´s no bus until tomorrow evening. :| ummm wtf so now I go in and with the help of a nice translater standing by we find out that it was bus 21 not platform 21, we weere supposed to come inside and find out what terminal bus 21 was going to be at... Silly us. So now I get to buy bus tickets again, no refund on the other, no discount at all. Full price again and we have to wait 22 hours. Angry James... So the hostels are all full we´re tired, stressed and a bit angry... more at myself than anything. In short finally break down and decide we´ll just get a hotel... So we hike to near the closest one my GPS shows and it has a room... at $115 euro. I am disliking the number $115 right now. That´s 3 times today I spent $115. So we get on this little freaking elevator and go up to our room and we´re greated with a nice wooden door.then we enter and there´s 4 doors to choose from:SOooooo we choose door number 2 and upon opening it there´s a small room with a single bed. WTF how are we supposed to fit on that comfortably.... le sigh....But wait. I open door number 3 and we have a queen bed and man is it sweet. oooooh la la.. then we move to door number 4 and get a treat:not Amanda... yes she´s a treat but she wasn´t behind the door... and a foot washer!!! woohooo what a strange thing to have in the bathroom, but it was sure nice washing in it... JK. well things are nice now, we´re happy. But on yeah door number 1. what could possibly be in there?
ray of light from above. holy moly!!! there´s more. and another door beyond that A kitchen woohoo! And there´s a porch Man we were smiling like a pair of fools who found ZEN Heh it was spendy but it was great. Had amazing AC and I slept like a rock. We´ll add more later, just had to explain why I was so pissed on Myspace... Ta ta

permalink written by  Slade's Elucidation on July 10, 2008 from Barcelona, Spain
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What a great story! EVERYTHING happens for a reason, there are no accidents or coincidences... It is MOST LIKELY just what the doctor ordered!!!

Much love,


permalink written by  Summer Buckmaster on July 10, 2008

You guys are really experiencing The world. There's so much we take for granted that I envy your new found appreciation for living life as it happens and not as dissapoints.

I love you both.

permalink written by  Brekken on July 10, 2008

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